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- Bob Langer named #1 Master of the Bench, Medicine Maker “Power List”

- Bob langer received an Honorary Doctor of Medicine, Karolinska Institutet

- Bob Langer named World's Most Influential Scientific Minds list, 2016 Thomson Reuters
- Bob Langer helps to create an ingestible sensor that measures heart and breathing rates - November 18, 2015
- Bob Langer received the Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering – October 26, 2015
- Langer and colleagues develop a pH-responsive polymer gel that could create swallowable devices - July 27, 2015
- Bob Langer’s Microchips Biotech signs deal to commercialize implantable drug-delivery devices - June 29, 2015
- Bob Langer - 2015 Medicine Maker Power List - May 12, 2015
- Langer lab has designed implantable device to allow cancer drug testing in patients - April 22
- Langer lab develops a self-healing nanogel to aid drug delivery - February 19
- Profs. Anderson and Langer work to help control diabetes - February 9
- Bob Langer's Controlled Drug Release Technology featured in IBiology video
series. February 2015
    [Watch Video - III parts]
- Bob Langer wins Queen Elizabeth Prize for Engineering - February 3, 2015
Bob Langer named Cornell Entrepreneur of the Year 2015 - December 16
Bob Langer profiled on Chemical Heritage Foundation's "Scientists You Must Know" video - September 2
Bob Langer receives Kyoto Prize - June 20
Bob Langer receives the 2014 Breakthrough Prize in Life Sciences - December 13
Bob Langer unlocks a new means of growing intestinal stem cells - December 1
The Langer lab designs drug-carrying nanoparticles that can be taken orally - November 27
Professors Anderson and Langer develop an injectable nanogel to help fight diabetes - May 16
Profs Anderson, Hammond and Langer practice medicine at the nanoscale - March 11
Professors Jensen and Langer find a way to deliver RNA, proteins and nanoparticles by “squeezing” cells - January 23
Bob Langer wins Israel’s Wolf Prize in Chemistry - January 2, 2013
Bob Langer to receive the 2013 National Medal of Technology and Innovation - December 21, 2012
NYTimes profiles the Langer lab - November 24, 2012
Bob Langer wins the Wilhelm Exner Medal, considered the “Austrian Nobel Prize.” - November 8, 2012
Using ultrasound waves, Professors Blankschtein and Langer have found a way to enhance the permeability of skin to drugs, making transdermal drug delivery more efficient - September 14, 2012
Bob Langer’s new tissue scaffold could be used for drug development and implantable therapeutic devices - August 27, 2012
Bob Langer designs nanoparticles that deliver high doses of antibiotics directly to bacteria - May 4, 2012
Bob Langer wins 2012 Perkin Award, the highest honor for the US industrial chemical industry - April 25, 2012
Bob Langer and Dan Anderson have developed nanoparticles that could manufacture cancer drugs at tumor sites - April 9, 2012
Bob Langer’s targeted nanoparticles show success in clinical cancer trials - April 4, 2012
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