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Professor Robert Langer

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Room E25-342
77 Massachusetts Ave
Cambridge, MA
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Phone: 617.253.3123
Fax: 617.258.8827


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Selected Publications

Langer, R."Perspectives: Drug delivery - drugs on target" , Science;293:58-59,2001

Kost, J., Mitragotri, S., Gabbay, R., Pishko, M., Langer, R."Transdermal monitoring of glucose and other analytes using ultrasound" , Nature Medicine;6: 347-350,2000

Niklason, L., Gao, J., Abbot, W., Hirschi, K., Houser, S., Marini, R., Langer, R."Functional arteries grown in vitro" , Science;284: 489-493,1999

Santini, J., Cima, M., Langer, R."A Controlled-release Microchip" , Nature;397: 335-338,1999

Langer, R."Drug delivery and targeting" , Nature;392 (Supp): 5-10,1998

Edwards, D., Hanes, J., Caponetti, G., Hrkach, J., Ben-Jebria, A, Eskew, M., Mintzes, J. Deaver, D., Lotan, N., Langer, R."Large porous aerosols for pulmonary drug delivery" , Science;276: 1868-1871,1997

Recent Publications

Shastri, P., Langer R., Stevens, M., Schaefer, D., Marini, R., Aronson, J.: "In vivo engineering of organs: The bone bioreactor", Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences; July 2005.

Suh, K.Y., Seong, J., Khademhosseini, A., Laibins, P. and Langer, R." A simple soft lithographic route to fabrication of poly(ethyleneglycol) microstructures for protein and cell patterning", Biomaterials; 25: 557-563, 2004.

Prausnitz M., Mitragotri S., Langer R." Current status and future potential of transdermal drug delivery", Nature Reviews Drug Discovery,; 3: 115-124, 2004.

Stevens, M., Qanadilo, H., Langer, R., and Shastri, V." A rapid-curing alginate gel system: utility in periosteum-derived cartilage tissue engineering", Biomaterials; 25: 887-894, 2004.

Pouliot, R., Azhari, R., Qanadilo, H.F., Mahmood, T., Triantafyllou, S. and Langer R." Tissue engineering of fish skin: Behavior of fish cells on PEGT/PBT copolymers in relation to the composition of the polymer substrate as an initial step in constructing a robotic/living tissue hybrid", Tissue Engineering; 10: 7-21, 2004.

Shastri, V.P., Padera, R.F., Tarch, P.J. and Langer, R." A preliminary report on the biocompatibility of OrthoCure photopolymerization anhydride networks", Biomaterials; 25: 715-721, 2004.

Grayson, A., R., Johnson, A., Flynn, N., Li, Y., Cima, M., Langer, R." A bioMEMS review: MEMS technology for physiologically integrated devices", Proceedings of the IEEE; 92: 6-21, 2004.

Radisic, M., Yang, M., Boublik, J., Cohen, R., Langer, R., Freed, L., Vunjak-Novakovic, G." Medium perfusion enables engineering of compact and contractile cardiac tissue", Am. J. Physiol. Heart Cir Physiol; 286: H507-H516, 2004.

Meinel, L., Kareourgiou, V., Fajardo, R., Snyder, B., Shinde-Patil, V., Zichner, L., Kaplan, D., Langer, R. and Vunjak-Novakovic, G." Bone tissue engineering using human mesenchymal stem cells: Effects of scaffold material and medium flow", Annals of Biomed. Eng.; 32: 112-122, 2004.

Colombo, G., Langer, R. and Kohane, D.S." Effect of excipient composition on the biocompatibility of bupivacaine-containing microparticles at the sciatic nerve", Journal of Biomed. Mats. Rsch.; 68A: 651-659, 2004.

Peppas, N. and Langer, R." Origins and development of biomedical engineering within chemical engineering", AIChE J.; 50: 536-546, 2004.

Wang, C., Ge, Q., Ting, D., Nguyen, D., Shen, H., Chen, J., Eisen, H., Heller, J., Langer, R. and Putnam, D." Molecularly engineered poly(ortho ester) microspheres for enhanced delivery of DNA vaccines", Nature Materials; 3: 190-196, 2004.

Khademhosseini, A., Suh, K.Y., Yang, J.M., Eng, G., Yeh, J., Levenberg, S. and Langer, R." Layer-by-layer deposition of hyaluronic acid and poly-L-lysine for patterned cell co-cultures", Biomaterials; 25: 3583-3592, 2004.

Thomas, T., Kohane, D., Wang, A. and Langer, R." Microparticulate formulations for the controlled release of interleukin-2", J. of Pharm. Sci.; 93: 1100-1109, 2004.



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