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Recent Publications (2014)

Ciolino, J., Stefanescu, C., Ross, A., Salvador, B., Cortez, P., Ford, E., Wymbs, K., Sprauge, S. Mascoop, D. Rudina, S., Trauger, S., Cade, F. and Kohane, D., In vivo performance of a drug-eluting contact lens to treat glaucoma for a month, Biomaterial, 35:  432-439, 2014.

Lim, J., Bertrand, N., Valencia, P., Rhee, M., Langer, R., Jon, S., Farokhzad, O. and Karnik, R., Parallel Microfluidic Synthesis of Size-Tunable Polymeric Nanoparticles using 3D flow focusing towards in vivo study, Nanomedicine: Nanotechnology, Biology and Medicine, 10:  401-409, 2014. PMID: 23969105.

Yin, X., Farin, H., van Es, J., Clevers, H., Langer, R. and Karp, J., Niche-independent high-purity culture of Lgr5+ intestinal stem cells and their progeny, Nature Methods, 11:  106-112, 2014. NIHMSID: 548435.

Lang, N., Pereira, J., Lee, Y., Friehs, I., Vasilyev, N., Feins, E., Ablasser, K., O’Cearbhaill, E., Xu, C., Fabozzo, A., Padera, R., Wasserman, S., Freudenthall, F., Ferreira, L., Langer, R., Karp, J. and del Nido, P., A blood-resistant surgical glue for minimally invasive repair of vessels and heart defects, Science Translational Medicine 6, 218ra6, 2014 (cover article).

Guo, Liang, Ma, M., Zhang, N., Langer, R., and Anderson, D., Stretchable polymeric multielectrode array for conformal neural interfacing, Advanced Materials, 26:  1427-1433, 2014.

Timko, B., Arruebo, M., Shankarappa, S., McAlvin, J., Okonkwo, O., Mizrahi, B., Stefanescu, C., Gomez, L., Zhu, J., Zhu, A., Santamaria, J., Langer, R. and Kohane, D., Near-infrared actuated devices for remotely controlled drug delivery, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 111:  1349-1354, 2014.

Kim, Y., Lobatto, M., Kawahara, T., Chung, B., Mieszawska, A., Sanchez-Gaytan, B., Fay, F., Senders, M., Calcagno, C., Becraft, J., Saung, M., Gordon, R., Stroes, E., Ma, M., Farokhzad, O., Fayad, Z., Mulder, W. and Langer, R., Probing nanoparticle translocation across the permeable endothelium in experimental atherosclerosis, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 111:  1078-1083, 2014.

Schoellhammer, C., Blankschtein, D., Langer, R., Skin permeabilization for transdermal drug delivery: Recent advances and future prospects, Expert Opinion Drug Delivery, 11:  393-407, 2014. PMID: 24392787.

Dong, Y., Love, K., Dorkin, J., Sirirungruang, S., Zhang, Y., Chen, D., Bogorad, R., Yin, H., Chen, Y., Vegas, A., Alabi, C., Sahay, G., Olejnik, K., Wang, W., Schroeder, A., Lytton-Jean, A., Siegwart, D., Akinc, A., Barnes, C., Barros, S., Carioto, M., Fitzgerald, K., Hettinger, J., Kumar, V., Novobrantseva, T., Qin, J., Querbes, W., Kotelianski, V., Langer, R. and Anderson, D. Lipopeptide nanoparticles for potent and selective siRNA delivery in rodents and nonhuman primates, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, eprint ahead of pub, doi:10.1073/pnas.1322937111, 2014.

Hook, A., Chang, C-Y., Scurr, D., Langer, R., Anderson, D., Williams, P., Davies, M. and Alexander, M., Thermally switchable polymers achieve controlled Escherichia coli detachment, Advanced Healthcare Materials, epub ahead of print DOI: 10.1002/adhm.201300518, 2014.

Sharei, A., Poceviciute, R., Jackson, E., Cho, N., Mao, S., Hartoularos, G., Jang, D., Jhunjhunwala, S., Everman, A., Schoettle, T., Langer, R. and Jensen, K., Plasma membrane recovery kinetics of a microfluidic intracellular delivery platform, Integrative Biology, epub ahead of print DOI: 10.1039/C3IB40215K, 2014.

Chan, K., Li, R., Chapman, J., Trac, E., Kobler, J., Zeitels, S., Langer, R. and Karajanagi, S., Functionalizable hydrogel microparticles of tunable size and stiffness for soft tissue filler applications, Acta Biomaterialia, in press.

Lee, J., Jeong, K., Hashimoto, M., Kwon, A., Rwei, A., Shankarappa, S., Tsui, J. and Kohane, D., Synthetic ligand-coated magnetic nanoparticles for microfluidic bacterial separation from blood, Nano Letters, in press.

Bettinger, C. Green, J., Langer, R., Anderson, D. and Borenstein, J., Control of nanoparticle-mediated gene delivery to human endothelial cells through substrate nanotopography, ACS Nano, in press.

Novobrantseva, T., Borodovsky, A., Wong, J., Klebanov, B., Zafari, M., Yucius, K. Ge, P., Ruda, v., Querbes, Q., Milstein, S, Speciner, L, Duncan, R., Basha, G., Cullis, P., Akinc, A., Sullivan, J., Jayaprakash, N., Jayaraman, M., Bogorad, R., Love, K., Whitehead, K., Levins, C., Manoharan, M., Swirski, P., Weissleder, R., Langer, R., Anderson, R., de Fougerolles, A., Nahrendorf, M. and Koteliansky, V., Systemic RNAi-mediated gene silencing in non-human primate and rodent myeloid cells, Molecular Therapy Nucleic Acids, in press.

Valencia, P., Pridgen, E., Rhee, M., Langer, R., Farokhzad, O., and Karnik, R., Microfluidic platform for combinatorial synthesis and optimization of targeted nanoparticles for cancer therapy, ACS Nano, in press.

Celiz, A., Smith, J., Patel, A., Langer, R., Anderson, D., Barrett, D., Young, L., Davies, M., Denning, C and Alexander, M., Chemically diverse polymer microarrays and high throughput surface characterization:  A method for discovery of materials for stem cell culture, Biomaterials Science, in press.

Zhang, S., Ermann, J., Succi, M., Zhou, A., Glimcher, L., Traverso, G., Karp, J. and Langer, R., Inflammation-targeted hydrogel as a novel approach for drug delivery in inflammatory bowel disease, Science Translational Medicine, submitted.

Chen, S., Xue, Y., Wu, X., Cong, L., Bhutkar, A., Bell, E., Zhang, F., Langer, R. and Sharp, P., MicroRNA regulation of factor inhibiting HIF-1 and tumour angiogenesis revealed by CRISPR/Cas9-mediated cellular genetics, Cancer Cell, submitted.

Peng, W., Anderson, D.G., Langer, R. and Sawicki, J., Nanoparticle-delivered suicide gene inhibits prostate tumor growth, Cancer Research, submitted.

Radovic-Moreno, A., Yuet, K., Langer, R. and Farokhzad, O., Perspectives on using nanoparticles for treatment in urological oncology, Nanotechnology Chapter, Interventional Techniques in Uro-oncology, submitted.

Noh, S., Han, S., Shim, G., Lee, K., Kim, A., Han, S., Choi, Y., Kim, Y, Langer, R., Kim, W. and Oh, Y., Tocopheryl oligochitosan-based self assembling cationic oligomersomes for siRNA delivery, Nano Letters, submitted.

Kang, S., Hwang, N., Yeom, J., Park, S., Messersmith, P., Choi, I., Langer, R., Anderson, D. and Lee, Haeshin, One-step multipurpose surface functionalization by adhesive catecholamine, Journal of the American Chemical Society, submitted.

Mizrahi, B., Khoo, X., Chiang, H., Sher, K., Feldman, R., Irusta, S., Langer, R. and Kohane, D., Multi-armed prepolymer for antifouling coatings, Journal of the American Chemical Society, submitted.

Cima, M., Lee, H., Daniel, K., Tanenbaum, L., Mantzavinou, A., Spencer, K., Ong, Q., Sy, J., Santini, J., Schoellhammer, C., Blankschtein, D. and Langer, R., Single compartment drug delivery, Journal of Controlled Release, submitted.

Kimball, A., Alora-Palli, M., Javorsky, E., Ron, E. and Langer, R., A new non-parenteral approach to administration of peptides in women:  Systemic absorption of a GnRH agonist (GnRHa) via a transvaginal ring delivery system, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, submitted.

Lim, J. Swami, A., Gilson, L., Chopra, S., Choic, S., Wu, J., Langer, R., Karnik, R. and Farokhzad, O., Ultra-high throughput synthesis of nanoparticles with homogeneous size distribution using a soaxial turbulent jet mixer, Nano Letters, submitted.

Mitragotri, S., Burke, P. and Langer, R., Overcoming the challenges in administering biopharmaceutical drugs:  Formulation and delivery strategies, Nature Reviews Drug Discovery, submitted.

Sanchez-Gaytan, B., Lobatto, M., Fay, F., Tang, J., Ouimet, M., Kim, Y., van der Staay, S., van Rijs, S., Priem, B., Zhang, L., Fisher, E., Moore, K., Langer, R. and Fayad, Z., Hybrid polymer-HDL nanoparticle platform for atherosclerotic plaque macrophage targeting, Journal of Controlled Release, submitted.



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