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Two of the main sources of entropy in my life are our cats, Turbo and Cleo.

Turbo (the orange one) is, I think, possessed. He can open the refrigerator (that is, until we moved and got a kitchen with a door -- now he would if he could, but he can't get to it) and cabinet doors, etc. Luckily he does not have opposable thumbs, and hence cannot open real doors, answer the phone, or open cans of cat food. And, speaking of food, he will eat anything. He will leap up and take food out of your hand, or swipe it off your plate if you're not looking.

(Actually, I've come up with a pretty good explanation for most of his behavior. Or at least why he's able to be so infuriating to me. What if he were actually a reincarnation of a later me, come back to punish this incarnation of me for something I did in a past life? That way he'd know exactly what bugged me, 'cause he is me! If you can follow that, it actually explains a great deal....)

His sister, Cleo (the Tortie-point Siamese-looking one) is pretty normal, except for her habit of carrying jingly-ball toys to the top of the stairs, dropping them and then howling for us to come and play with her every night at 12:30 am.

Cats are just weird.

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