...on Jupiter, anyway.

Summer 1995's Amazing Astronomical Event, and the incredible use of the Web that it spawned, were wonderful to watch.

There is still a lot of good stuff out there. One really good place is the JPL's Comet Shoemaker-Levy Home Page.

And the National Space Science Data Center has put up this page with cool stuff, too. (Some the same as at the JPL site, I think.)

The neat picture above was taken by an astronomer friend of mine, Steve Slivan, with an 8 inch telescope and a small CCD camera from the roof of building 37 here on campus. (Steve also teaches 12s23, "Observing the Stars and Planets," a truly wonderful course.) He has this to say about the image:

   Image using Lynxx CCD on C8, no filter
   UT 1994 Jul 22, 02:34   MIT campus, Bldg. 37      
   Steve Slivan and Wayne Baumgartner
   additional equipment: 1 can of Coke
                         1 can of 3-in-1 household oil
                         slotted screwdriver
                         small adjustable wrench
   Impact G zone is on left; impact L zone is near center. 
   (Zone K has JUST passed around the right limb)
   The satellite to the right of Jupiter is Io, headed 
   behind the planet.

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