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Origami Spirals (Origami Wonderland 2)

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Fuse, Tomoko
Origami Spirals (Origami Wonderland 2)
Publisher: Chikuma Shobo
1995, 78 pages, softcover
Japanese. ISBN: 4480872620
布施, 知子
折り紙スパイラル (折り紙ワンダーランド2)
origami supairaru
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Out of Print

Includes 8 pages of glossy photos of the models, with black and white diagrams with grey shading and black and white photos of each model.

This book is somewhat more mathematically inclined than the previous Spirals book. In particular, the section on building spiral-based "dividers" for various regular solids will be of interest to those who enjoy exploring the underlying geometry of origami spirals.

Most of the models are 3-D, and some are rather abstract and hence a bit difficult to describe here. I haven't listed the number of steps for the various models since there is a lot of repeat folding within each model, multiple units involved, etc., and it would just take too long to get an accurate estimate of the number of folds! If not specified, the creator is FUSE Tomoko.

Model Creator/Diagrammer Notes
Hokusai's Wave Alex Ratner square paper; creates a 3-D spiral-crested wave shape
Koala Simon Anderson rectangle; an abstract koala
Spiral Decoration 1   square; 4 units; from a square base, spirals up to a 3-D shape
Spiral Decoration 2   triangle (half a square); 4 units; similar to 1, with a steeper spiral angle
Spiral Decoration 3   triangle (half a square); 3 units; like 1, but from a triangular base
Spiral Decoration 4   triangle (half a square); 5 units; a tree-like (sort of conical) spiral
Spiral "quadrille" 1   1:5 rectangle; needs 2 types of units - 6 of one, 12 of the second; creates a solid body with 6 square faces and 8 triangular faces, with DNA-like shapes on the square faces
Spiral "quadrille" 2   similar to 1, but with a spiral "mountain" on the square faces
"Rotation 45 - A" H. Azuma square; 4-sides flat star, multiples of which next to make layers with the points rotated 45 degrees from the previous layer
"Rotation 45 - B" H. Azuma square; like A, but with snow-crystal-like points
"Rotation 22.5" H. Azuma square; like A, but with each layer rotated 22.5 degrees
"Rotation 30" H. Azuma square; like A, but with each layer rotated 22.5 degrees
Butterly Stopped on a Leaf   square; a butterfly resting on a lily-pad-like leaf
Butterfly Stopped on a Leaf 2   square
Elephant   square; face and tusks
Bivalve   square
Spiral Shell 1   square; 3-D, square-based spiral; variations can make a pagoda and a Thai dancer's hat
Spiral Shell 2   square; square-based spiral, tighter shell than 1
Spiral Shell 3   square; triangle-based spiral
Spiral Shell 4   square; 6-sided spiral shell
Triangular "stinger"   (I'm a little unsure on this translation. It's a spiral pointy thing, anyway.)
"Stinger"   (4 spiral pointy things out of one sheet)
Petal   modular unit; varying lengths create different solids with triangular faces
4-sided pyramid, divider A, B   The divider is a "staircase" like zig-zag thing based in spiral progressions
4-sided pyramid, dividers C, D   more complicated dividers
4-sided pyramid, spirals inside    
8-faced solids and dividers    
20-faced solids and dividers    
Angkhor Wat or Tower of Babel MAEKAWA Jun 1 sheet; 3-D tower of progressively smaller rings of angled indentations
Infinite Rabbit-Ear Folding Ernst Blauenstein  
Tower based in the above    
Other variations of the above    
Archimedes' Spiral Ernst Blauenstein  
Ammonite Fossil MAEKAWA Jun  

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