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Issei Super Complex Origami

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Yoshino, Issei
Issei Super Complex Origami
Publisher: Origami House
1996, 199 pages, softcover
Japanese. ISBN: none
吉野, 一生
issei suupaa compurekkusu origami
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This is, simply put, a stunning book. Anyone capable of complex folding should own it, and less advanced folders should buy it so they have a goal to aim for! The diagrams are clear, the models are amazing. There are full-color glossy photos in the beginning of the book showing examples of all the models. (Softcover.)

Model Notes
Motorcycle (Type 1) 2 pieces: front wheel/fairing; rear wheel/seat. 159 steps, plus base.
Motorcycle (Type 2) 2 pieces; front wheel/fork/handlebar; rear wheel/seat. 207 steps, plus base.
Samurai Helmet 109 steps
Salmon 88 steps. Includes detailed jaws, fins and pleated tail, and characteristic humpback body shape. A lovely model.
Tiger 116 steps. The model is a crouching, snarling tiger, complete with fangs.
Wild Boar Pleated "fur" on back, color change tusks and nose.
Horse 170 steps. Pleated mane, detailed face and hooves.
Pteranodon 52 steps.
Apatosaurus 61 steps
Spinosaurus 104 steps. Pleated back fin and separate toes.
Baby Tyrannosaurus 46 steps. Cute (really!) with an open mouth.
Tyrannosaurus 84 steps. Open mouth, separate toes. Looks great with baby.
Triceratops 115 steps.
Triceratops Skeleton 19 pieces, hundreds of steps. This model is the whole reason I bought the book, it's completely amazing!

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