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Creating Origami

Nolan, J.C.
Creating Origami
Publisher: Alexander Blace & Co.
1995, 290 pages, softcover
English. ISBN: none

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If you've ever wondered how an origami creator thinks, or wanted more information on how one might go about designing new origami models oneself, this book is for you. In Creating Origami, Jay brings you inside his own origami creation process in glorious detail. The first 110 pages of the book are dedicated to his thoughts on his own creative strategies, his tools and tricks of the trade, and detailed instructions for the bases and techniques used in the models later in the book. Clear, well-drawn diagrams of his own pieces, as well as several models from famed creators Fred Rohm and Patricia Crawford, re-diagrammed here for the first time in many years, make the book a must-have for the technical folder or budding creator!

All models made from a square unless specified otherwise.

I - Experimentations

 The Challenge
 Approaches to Creating
 Keeping Track fo Where You've Been - Diagramming
 Origami as an Art Form
The Creator's Diary
Paper Folding, the Last 2,000 Years
Tools of the Trade
 Level I - Blintz fold, rabbit ear, swivel fold
 Level I+ - reverse folds, squash folds, petal folds
 Level II - spread squash, sink fold, pleat sink
 Level II + - crimp folds, crimp sink, double/quadruple rabbit ears
  double swivel fold, stretching a base, closed sink, wrap
 Levell III/III+ - constructions, color changes, 3D manipulation
 The Internal Structure of the Traditional Bases
 Multi-flapped Waterbomb & Preliminary Bases
 Others - Butterfly, spiders, inverted windmill base, fairy, people base
II - Inspirations
Model Creator/Diagrammer Notes
Paper Airplanes   rectangle, 8 st. each -traditional, 2 models
Cootie Catcher   9 st.
Gum Wrapper Chain   (gum wrappers!)
Paper Football   rectangle 8 st.
Fish   12 st.
Waterbomb   9 st.
Pagoda Bookmark   12 st. (multiple units if desired)
Decorations   flat, petalled decorative pieces
Crane   15 st.
Jumping Frog   11 st.
Lover's Knot   9 st.
It's Magic Fred Rohm 2:1 rectangle 50 st. bunny sitting up on cube
Scorpion Patricia Crawford 45 st.
Unicorn " 42 st.
Squirrel On a Log " 42 st. squirrel sitting upright on a log with branches
Full Rigged Ship " 46 st. three-masted ship
Kangaroo " 50 st. complete with joey in pocket

III - Creations
Model Notes
Horseshoe Crab 37 st.
Wolf Spider 36 st.
Octopus 30 st.
Andrea's Rose 32 st. flat four-petalled layered rose
Tarantula (5-sided waterbomb base) 38 st.
Art Deco Lily 27 steps
Australian Leaf Bug 35 st.
Dragonfly 67 st.
Hydra 38 st.
Taarakian Dragon 37 st.
A Simple Dragon for Natasha 18 st.
Butterfly/Butterfly Chain 18 steps
Delta Glider half square triangle, 10 st.
Cerberus 61 st.
Stylized Pegasus/TD> 31 st.
Loch Ness Monster 18 steps
Braided Paper 33 steps; decoration style flat square with woven points on front
Frost Dragon (8 sided waterbomb base) 140 steps
Clownfish and Sea Anemone 139 steps (yes, one piece of paper!)
Seven Simple Bracelets variations of a paper bracelet with interesting patterns
Diving Duck 26
Seven Colored Lover's Knots  
Leaping Lizard 48 steps
Fairy 40 steps

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