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Origami Insects 1

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Kawahata, Fumiaki, and Nishikawa, Seiji
Origami Insects 1
Publisher: Gallery Origami House
2000, 194 pages, softcover
Japanese. ISBN: none
川畑, 文昭, and 西川, 誠司
konchuu 1
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models by Kawahata:

Jambar Giant Scarab (85 steps)
Jambar Giant Scarab (updated version) (54 steps)
Flying Cicada (173 steps)
Neptune Giant Beetle (167 steps)
Caucasus Giant Beetle (129 steps)
Golden-ringed (Anotogaster) Dragonfly (164 steps)
Japanese Giant Grasshopper (93 steps)
Leaf Insect (71 steps)
Eupatorus Horned Beetle (166 steps)

models by Nishikawa:

Japanese Horned Beetle (male) (125 steps)
Japanese Horned Beetle (female) (90 steps)
Asiatic Locust (108 steps)
Flying Asiatic locust (110 steps)
Long-horned Beetle (130 steps)
Lucanus Stag Beetle (68 + 63 steps)
Goliath Horned Flower Beetle (129 steps)
Hercules Giant Beetle (112 steps)

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