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The Origami Mailing List

The Origami mailing list is a public electronic mailing list, run using the Mailman list management software, on the host (a server I own and maintain.). The purpose of the list is to encourage discussion and exchange of ideas about all facets of the art of Origami - learning, teaching, designing, you name it. Heavily commercial content is frowned upon.

Joseph Wu and I run and manage the list (though the Mailman software deals with most things, thankfully) and we handle any complex issues that cannot be resolved by the various automated processes. .

The list was hosted for many years on the MIT mainframe, MITVMA.MIT.EDU, and we're grateful to MIT and the mainframe staff for their generosity in hosting the list for so long.


Is there a web interface for the list?

Indeed, one of the nice features of Mailman is that is has a very comprehensive web-based interface with which users can interact with the server. The top level page of the server:

will have any recent service announcements or other information, as well as links to the list information pages, and a link to the "help" address you can use if you get really stuck with anything.

The list's main information page (via which you can subscribe, unsubscribe, and manage your subscription) is:

Which address do I use for what?

There are a number of completely different addresses you need to be aware of when sending mail related to the Origami Mailing List, each one for a different purpose:

Sending mail to this address (and you must be already subscribed as a list member to do so) sends mail to everyone - and there are many hundreds of members of the mailing list, all over the world. Anything you send out with this in the "To" field is, basically, public and will end up in various public archives, so think, and check the address before you send. If you mean to send a reply to just one person, make sure that's who is in the "To" field of your reply, not the list address! Also, do not send formatted mail (HTML or otherwise) or attachments to the list; all formatting and attachments are stripped from messages before being sent to the list membership.

This sends a message to the mailman "server" software. Send a message containing just the word "help" in the subject or the body, and you'll get back an automated message with information about the the list, how to subscribe, unsubscribe, get help, etc. No human reads this mail, so the syntax of your messages is important. See How do I subscribe? and How do I unsubscribe? for examples.

This is the address you should never need to use, and should always be your last resort. It goes to the (human) list owners' mailboxes, where it will get dealt with as soon as is reasonably possible. Please send mail to this address only when you've exhausted the possibilities of the automated services at the origami-request address and server web pages.

How do I subscribe?

Go to:

scroll down the page to the "Subscribing to the Origami Mailing List" section, and fill in the web form there.

Alternatively, if you prefer, you can send a piece of email to:

You'll receive a piece of email from the server asking you to confirm your subscription request. Once you confirm the request, you'll be signed up, and will receive a welcome message with more information, including the password you need to use to interact with the web interface. SAVE THIS WELCOME MESSAGE FOR FUTURE REFERENCE!

How do I unsubscribe?

Go to:

scroll down to the bottom of the page, login by the text area in the section titled "Un-Subscribing and Changing your Subscription Options"

Alternatively, you can send a piece of email to:

Note that you must sign off from the same account you used to sign on to the list - if you're going to be changing email addresses for some reason, sign off from the old one before you change addresses, and then sign on again from the new one, or use the web interface to change your subscription address.

How do I get help?

The Mailman web interface is mostly self-documenting; any page you can reach from the main list info page at:

will have a "help" link somewhere on it.

You can also send a piece of email to:

that contains the line:


You'll get back email with instructions on requesting specific help topics.

And there is also Mailman user documentation online at:

Are there archives of past list postings?

Maarten van Gelder maintains an archive of all past traffic on the mailing list at:

Note: use the text "origami-l" as both username and password to get to the page.

You can search the archives from the page:

Alex Barber also maintains an archive of the list traffic which is searchable at:

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