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Providing hesiod support is somewhat problematical. One cannot start a named daemon without root privileges, as it uses a privileged network port. We are presented with three cases: the workstation does not support the domain name system at all, the workstation has a name server that works but does not support hesiod, or the workstation's named can support hesiod. Note that even in this third case, it will still need to be properly configured.

Given the difficulty in both enabling and configuring hesiod, the best choice might be to allow class IN queries for hesiod as well as class HS. This way only a functioning named is required, with no additional configuration. The switch could be handled as an on-the-fly conversion in the hesiod servers, once the MIT servers are taught to forward such requests to the hesiod servers.

Bruce R. Lewis
Mon May 19 16:07:01 EDT 1997