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Basic Athena Services

This subset requires that Kerberos be installed as well. It includes support for hesiod, zephyr, moira, online consulting, global message of the day, kpop email, printing, and attach. This includes the following end-user applications: zwgc, zwrite, zctl, moira, blanche, chpobox, mailmaint, listmaint, olc, get_message, from, inc, lpr, lpq, lpquota, attach, detach, and these utility programs hesinfo, zhm, zinit, zlocate, zstat, fsid, and movemail. These files are copied or symlinked into /usr/athena/bin. The file /etc/services will be edited to contain entries for zephyr-srv, zephyr-clt, zephyr-hm, sms_db, sms_update, sms_ureg, globalmessage, kpop, lpallow, lpquery, and lplog if they are not already present. It requires the following configuration files to be on the local disk: /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/named.boot, /etc/, and /etc/athena/attach.conf.

Installing this subset will interact with nameservice on the workstation, since hesiod is implemented with the named. The rest of the subset will not be a problem. The printing utilities will fallback to using the local /etc/printcap if the specified printer is not in hesiod, so it will work with a local printer.

To ease use of these services when the login subset is not loaded, we will include a login_athena script which will prompt the user for their kerberos password and get them tickets, start zephyr, attach their locker, and any other necessary setup.

Once Basic Athena Services are installed, users on this workstation will have access to Athena lockers and third party software. This access does not mean that they have licensed or paid for the use of this software. When the policy issues are decided, it may become necessary to display and get positive feedback about licensing when this subset is installed.

Bruce R. Lewis
Mon May 19 16:07:01 EDT 1997