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I/S should not attempt to sell the MIT community on the benefits of Layered Athena. We should wait for customers to approach us with needs that Layered Athena could meet, and take appropriate action based on the level of effort involved versus the potential benefit to the MIT community.

We should work with these customers to help them (1) understand the lack of support so that they can avoid too much reliance on the system, and (2) convey this understanding to their users. For example, a faculty member with a special cluster needs to understand that if any coursework depends on Layered Athena, there must be a contingency plan in case it suddenly stops working. We would need to work with such a faculty member to develop a handout for students that would warn them not to rely too heavily on the system continuing to work, and tell them what level of OLC support to expect.

Bruce R. Lewis
Mon May 19 16:06:37 EDT 1997