General LBGT Lists
MIT supports a set of e-mail lists which service MIT as well as the Greater Boston LBGT community.  These lists are confidential and private.  To be added to any of these lists, contact lbg-

  • is for news of interest to the greater Boston queer community.
  • is for discussion of interest to the greater Boston queer community.
  • is for MIT-related news
  • is for MIT-related talk.
E-mails to the staff of lbgt@MIT, centralized in Student Life Programs (W20-549, 617-253-6777), who serve as the administrative hub for LBGT support on campus and who coordinate the LBGT Issues Group.
E-mails all the members of the LBGT Issues Group.  To join the Issues Group, please e-mail
Membership list of Queer Women Looking for Life in Technical School (MIT QWiLLTS). Subscribe to QWiLLTS Coordinators.



MIT Friendly Alliance of Queers and Straights (FAQS) lists
To be added to any of these lists, contact

  • mit-faqs is the mailing list for the members of FAQS. Only to be used for official postings from the officers or advisors.
  • faqs-discuss is the discussion list for general business, posting, or discussion.
For GaMIT specific news & event postings as well as general discussion. Subscribe to
Sends to all of GABLES members.  To subscribe, please go to or e-mail
[May not currently be active] A women-only list just for women only discussions and event postings.  Subscribe to
Open to all ULC members. Subscribe to
For general posting for women at MIT and the greater Boston area.


MIT BGALA (alumni) Listserv
Information on list subscription is available at their homepage.


New England Queer College Organization
Publishes a newsletter of queer events at New England colleges to encourage cross-campus dialogue. To subscribe, send mail to with the word "subscribe" in the subject line.


The List (Boston's Queer Agenda)
Visit their website to subscribe. The List ntegrates the arts, Internet technology and social change to create cultural activism with a particular eye towards lesbian, bisexual, transgender, alternative, women's, and progressive communities, including our gay male and straight allies.


Bay Windows
631 Tremont Street, Boston, MA 02118
617-266-6670, Fax 617-266-5973
A weekly paper covering regional and national LBGT news; it includes arts and events listings for the Boston/New England area.  Distributed for free on Thursdays in Lobby 7 and in the MIT Student Center.


BBWN, P.O. Box 639, Cambridge, MA 02140
A bi-monthly publication for bisexual women in the Boston area and around the world. The suggested subscription price is $20-30 per year (6 issues), but you can pay more or less depending on what you can afford. To subscribe, send a check (along with your name and address) to the address above.


The Boston Phoenix
126 Brookline Avenue, Boston, MA 02215
617-536-5390, Fax 617-536-1463
A popular alternative Boston paper which occasionally publishes a special pull-out section called One In Ten focused exclusively on LGBT issues. Often has gay-oriented articles in main publication. Distributed for free weekly in the MIT student center.


24 Castleton St., Jamaica Plain, MA 02130
A locally produced zine and journal of dyke dissent. Poetry, fiction, nonfiction, artwork, and photography produced by progressive queer women.


GCN (Gay Community News)
BSEF, 29 Stanhope Street, Boston, 02116
A quarterly news magazine for the whole community.


Mondays 6:30-8 PM on WMBR (88.1 FM), or on the web.
The only weekly radio program that talks about transgenderism in the first person. Each week it presents news, information, music, and new voices that challenge the traditional view of gender. Presented on MIT's WMBR.


edge Boston
A gay news and entertainment site for the Boston area.


NewEngland Blade
450 Harrison Avenue, suite 414, Boston, MA
617-426-8246, Fax 617-426-8264
A gay weekly with news and club listings for New England.


New England Community Guide - Pink Pages
A directory of local businesses owned by gay or gay-friendly people.


One in Ten
Mondays, 10 PM-midnight on WFNX (100.7 FM)
The radio show for the gay and lesbian community, One in Ten always brings you news, book, film and music reviews, as well as calendar listings.


A zine for women who love other women. Free and available at Grand Opening!, New Words, OutWrite, Hi Fi, We Think the World of You, and the Midway Cafe.


Sojourner: The Women's Forum
42 Seaverns Avenue, Boston, MA 02130
A monthly feminist newspaper, spun off of MIT 20+ years ago. Published monthly and available for free outside of the Women's Studies Office at MIT (Room 14E-316) and the MIT Student Center.


Transgender Tapestry
Foundation for Gender Education, P.O. Box 540229, Waltham, MA 02454-0229
781-899-2212, Fax 781-899-5703
Transgender Tapestry is a publication by, for, and about all things trans, including crossdressing, transsexualism, intersexuality, FTM, MTF, butch, femme, drag kings and drag queens, androgyny, female and male impersonation, and more.


turn magazine
PO Box 1562, Jamaica Plain, MA
An on-line dyke zine for the New England area.


54 Boynton St., Boston, MA 02130
Erotic lesbian zine for the well rounded. $7 for a single issue, $26 for a four-

issue subscription.



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