Listed here are specifically LBGT groups; however, support and friends can be found through a broad range of student activities and living groups.  Most groups have e-mail lists you can join; see also the E-mail Lists and Groups section of this Guide. MIT's student groups seek to collaborate with other local and New England LBGT student organizations through NEQCO (New England Queer College Organization).


BGALA (Bisexual, Gay, and Lesbian Alums) is MIT's queer alumni/ae organization. Contact information and details on how to get on their mailing list are available on their website.

Boston Colony of the national fraternity that is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life among gay, bisexual, and progressive men by providing dignified and purposeful social, service, and  recreational activities.


GaMIT, 253-5440, Room 50-306
GaMIT (gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders, and friends at MIT) is the oldest queer group at MIT. It provides a social, political, and support outlet for LBGT students.


LBGT Issues Group, 253-6777, Room W20-549
A committee of faculty, staff, students, and alumni who are LBGT or just plain friendly that seeks to foster a safe and welcoming environment and to ensure MIT's educational mission is upheld for all students regardless of sexual orientation/identity. Anyone LBGT-friendly and affiliated with MIT is welcome--just e-mail us!


QWiLLTS (Queer Women Looking for Life in Tech School) is a social and discussion group for all queer, lesbian, bisexual, and questioning women (and their supporters, too!).


Rainbow Coffeehouse
Previously known as the GLBT Graduate Student Coffeehouse, we support the social needs of MIT's LBGT community.  Sponsors a monthly Coffeehouse Social and other events (See "Regular Events").  All events are open to the public; everyone is encouraged to attend.  Funded by the Graduate Student Council.


Sloan LGBT
Students founded Sloan LGBT in an effort to foster and promote an honest and open environment for LBGT students, partners, faculty, and staff at Sloan. We also seek to increase personal and career growth opportunities for gay and non-gay professionals.


Formerly known as FAQS, ULC (Undergraduate LBGT Community), a primarily undergraduate organization, organizes social and supportive program and events. Contact us and we'll be sure to keep you up-to-date on our eclectic mix of get-togethers.


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