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lbgt@mit:  Where to Start

The lbgt@mit staff, housed within Student Life Programs (SLP), is responsible for the overall coordination of support programs and services for MIT's lesbian, bisexual, gay, transgender, and questioning students. The staff supports and coordinates the efforts of the LBGT Issues Group. We also provide advice and support to MIT's several LBGT student groups and cosponsor many MIT events.

Several major initiatives coordinated by lbgt@mit are the Lavender Guide, the Rainbow Lounge, and the "You are Welcome Here" Campaign. Our staff also produces the monthly lbgt@mit e-mail newsletter with information on current MIT-related LBGT issues and events. In addition to being available for individual support or just to talk, we coordinate a student support group and a peer support network for individuals who are either coming out or are just new to Boston.  We also provide educational workshops or programs on LBGT-related issues, particularly for MIT's living groups.

Please feel free to contact us in Student Life Programs, room W20-549, (617) 253-6777, through our web page, or by e-mail at You can also contact any one of us individually:


YOU ARE WELCOME HERE LOGOIn September of 1999, MIT launched the "You are Welcome Here" Campaign.  The Campaign seeks to increase visibility, to identify multiple points of access to LBGT support services, and to create a more welcoming campus environment.

Through the Campaign, faculty and staff across MIT, including student staff in the residential system, have been asked to consider posting a "You are Welcome Here" sign in a visible location. By posting the sign, individuals are affirming that they:

  1. Will be understanding, supportive, and trustworthy if a lesbian, bisexual, gay or transgender student or colleague needs help, advice, or just someone to whom they can talk;
  2. Will avoid heterosexist assumptions, confront homophobia, and use inclusive language ("partner" or "spouse," rather than "boyfriend" or "wife");
  3. Believe that our campus is enriched by the inclusion of LBGT people; and
  4. Will refer individuals to the Lavender Guide and other appropriate resources when needed.

These actions are key components of the Campaign as they represent both individual and collective interest in fostering a supportive and diverse MIT community.

If you would like to participate in the "You Are Welcome Here" Campaign by posting a sign in your office or workspace or would like more information, please email or stop by Student Life Programs (W20-549, 253-6777).

lbgt@mit | Student Life Programs, W20-549, (617) 253-6777