Rainbow Lounge & Resources on Campus

Rainbow Lounge | 50-005 (Walker Basement), x3-5440

The Rainbow Lounge serves as a meeting space and support network for all LBGT related activities, programs, and services at MIT. The Lounge is home to MITís several LBGT student groups and includes a library and a cozy reading space. The Rainbow Lounge offers weekly office hours, group meetings, movie nights, discussions, guest speakers, and study breaks. Itís also a great place to hang out and meet new people.

lbgt@mit | web.mit.edu/lbgt

This website is the place to go for all the information you need about whatís going on at MIT for the LBGT community and their allies.

Rainbow Lounge Staff

Abigail Francis, Director of LBGT Services, afran@mit.edu, x3-0684
Sean Delmore, Rainbow LOunge Graduate Assistant, sdelmore@mit.edu, x3-1612
Judy Jarvis, Rainbow Lounge Intern, judith_jarvis@mail.harvard.edu, x3-5440

MIT Medical

Physician: Howard Heller, helh@med.mit.edu, x3-1615
Mental Health: Audra Bartz, bara@med.mit.edu, x3-2916
           and Maya Hanelin, hane@med.mit.edu, x3-2916
Health Promotion and Wellness: Kate McCarthy, kmcc@med.mit.edu, x3-4420
           Greg Baker, baker@med.mit.edu, & Zan Barry, bars@med.mit.edu, x3-3646

Supportive Staff/Faculty

Student Activities: Alicia Erwin, aeerwin@mit.edu
Chaplain: Bob Randolph, randolph@mit.edu, x8-5484
Episcopal Chaplain: Janie Donohue, jdonohue@mit.edu, x3-2983
Student Support Services: James Collins, Assistant to the Dean, jmcollin@mit.edu, x3-4861
Women's Studies: Heidy Gonzalez, heidy@mit.edu, x3-2642
Physics Professor: Nergis Mavalvala, nergis@ligo@mit.edu, x3-5657
MechE Professor: George Barbastathis, gbarb@mit.edu, x3-1960
Residential Life: Donna Denoncourt, donnamd@mit.edu
FSILGs: Marlena Martinez Love, marlenam@mit.edu
Athletics:Carol Matsuzaki, Head Coach of Tennis, handy@mit.edu

Conflict/Mediation/Crime Reporting

Student Meditation/Community Standards: Ruthy Kohorn Rosenberg, ruthyk@mit.edu, x8-8423
Ombuds Office: Toni Robinson, trobins@mit.edu, x3-5921
Police @ MIT: Cheryl Vossmer, crimbite@mit.edu, x3-9755

Many thanks to:

John Kellet '47: Generous donor
And anyone with a "You Are Welcome Here" card posted on their office or room door.