LBGT@MIT’s Commitment to Racial Justice

LBGT@MIT is committed to eliminating racism within the LBGT community at MIT and within the larger MIT community as a whole.  LBGT@MIT is working on this commitment in partnership with the Race and Sexuality Task Force (a sub-committee of the LBGT Issues Group) to sponsor discussion groups, speakers, and trainings, promote related programs and events, and to help ensure that all aspects of LBGT@MIT are anti-racist in their efforts and diverse in their composition.

Specifically, LBGT@MIT and the RSTF will work together to:

  • Help students (also faculty and staff) reflect on their own racial prejudices and privileges (ex. white and male privilege)
  • Help students (also faculty and staff) understand and act on issues of racial injustice
  • Promote programs/events at MIT that incorporate issues of racism and issues of homophobia on campus
  • Support students (also faculty and staff) with multiple identities
  • Help cultivate student leaders of color within the LBGT and ally community at MIT
  • Build coalitions with other identity-based student groups at MIT

Click here for more information on the Race and Sexuality Task Force.