Community Service

At LCA, part of the character and community-building process is a commitment to better our environment through service projects. Besides the numerous smaller projects that brothers participate in individually, the brothers are all encouraged to partake in a few house-wide service events each year. One annual service tradition the brothers of LCA participate in is the North American Food drive, which provides meals for disadvantaged families. Last year, the brothers ran a clothing drive for Red Cross Red Shield, collecting ~500 pounds of clothing for underpriviledged families.

Some brothers choose to take service to the next level by seizing opportunities with smaller groups. Between his two varsity sports and his house position as High Delta, John Kucharcyzk frequently volunteers his time to teach inner-city children how to play squash. Other brothers have given time at in service-oriented freshman programs such as FUP (freshmen urban program) or in neighborhood-related activites, like the Back Bay Clean Up and the Esplanade Clean Up project.

This year, community service chairman Jimmy Burke is trying to expand the LCA community involvement even further. Check back here for future community-service events.


Varsity Teams

Members of LCA have always been encouraged to partake in leadership positions on campus, and one of the best ways to do so is through Varsity Athletics. Our active brothers compete in Football, Baseball, Lacrosse, Basketball, Squash, and Track, with captains on the Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, and Squash teams. With the leadership and determination of our brothers, these teams have broken though to new levels of success over the years and helped eradicate the negative stereotypes of MIT Athletics.

Intramural Teams

Not all of us have the time (or abilities) to be varsity athletes at MIT. Thats where intramural sports come into play. The teams vary from year to year, but LCA has consistently fielded teams in flag football, basketball, dodgeball, softball, and as a recent addition, bowling. Regardless of ability level, you're bound to have a good time playing for one our intramural teams.