Social Life

At LCA, we believe that living MIT to the Max includes balancing the academic and extracurricular responsibilities with an active social life. Over the course of the year, we host dozens of social events that give the brothers and students from neighboring schools a chance to mingle and unwind.

LCA has become widely known in the Boston college scene for our great parties. Here you'll get a chance to enjoy the music and camradery of the brothers, along with other students from MIT, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, Simmons, Wellesley, Harvard, and more. Check back or ask a brother for more information regarding our Fall Opener, Jungle Party, Halloween Party, or Mardi Gras parties.

For brothers, other social events include mixers with local sorrorities, formal date evenings, cookouts, and others invite-only house events. Contact our social chairs, Alex Chumbley (404-201-0690), Harry Rein (339-236-0708), or David Gilchrist (860-304-2865), for more information