The District 31
Toastmasters PR Forum, March 2, 2000
sponsored by Toastmasters@MIT
led by Ruth Levitsky, District 31 Public Relations Officer
this web page located at:

Toastmasters on the Internet
Course Outline
held at the Cambridge Rotary Technology Center
(thanks to the Rotary Center and the Central Square Branch of the
Cambridge Public Library for the use of this facility!)

More and more people are discovering Toastmasters from the web site. The general email for communicating with Toastmasters International is

Recently the site has been updated to make searching for a club much easier.

Let's get some free jelly beans. And read some Computer Humor!

District 31 has its own website at
Write to Tod Wakeman, PR Manager and Events Master at, two weeks prior to your event, to get it listed on the District 31 web page

Email for your club:
egroups to set up group email lists, calendars, chats, web links
use evite to set up meeting

Email for you:

Favorite Search Engines Free web pages
Many Toastmasters clubs, such as the Boston Speech Party Toastmasters, are on geocities. Check your web page with

Guidelines for web pages from Toastmasters International

legal logo on a Toastmasters page

Learn hypertext markup language or HTML with this Interactive Tutorial.

The Internet is a great way for Toastmasters to share ideas.
from District 32
100's of Membership Building Ideas That Work
Toastmasters Logos and Symbols Page

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