A Heat Transfer Textbook, 4th edition

Copyright (c) 2000-2015 by John H. Lienhard IV and John H. Lienhard V. All rights reserved.

Step 1. Check Acrobat

This book requires the Adobe Acrobat Reader, version 7 or higher. If you download the file to a system running an earlier version of Acrobat, your browser may show an unresponsive white screen. To check whether your system works with either Acrobat 5, 6, or 7 try downloading the following small test files:

If you cannot read the Acrobat 7 test file, you will need to upgrade to the Acrobat 7 Reader (or higher) in order to read AHTT.

Step 2. Download Textbook

Right-clicking the link will allow you to save the file directly to your computer without launching the Acrobat plug-in. This is strongly recommended, as the plug-in can be very slow to load the file. Left-clicking the link will launch the Acrobat plug-in.

The textbook file is roughly 18 MB and may take a while to transfer on a slow network connection.

The Acrobat plug-in may present a white screen while waiting for the first full page to download. If the white screen persists for more than a few minutes, check your version of Acrobat as described above and/or try right-clicking the link to save the file without launching the plug-in. If you do launch the plug-in, be sure to save the file to disk before exiting.

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