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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ling-Lunch: Fall 2014

Ling-Lunch is a series of weekly talks, open to all linguistics topics. It is held in an informal setting, and everybody is welcome to present their work, but preference is given to members of the MIT Linguistics Department.

We meet every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:45 pm in room 32-D461.

Meetings and changes in the schedule are announced by email to interested people. If you want to receive the email announcements, want to present something, or have any other comments about Ling-Lunch, please email the organizers.

September 4:

Roman Feiman (Harvard)
The acquisition of verbal negation: a case study in the development of logical operators in thought and language

September 11:

Juliet Stanton (MIT)
Learnability shapes typology: the case of the midpoint pathology

October 2:

Ivy Sichel (Hebrew University of Jerusalem)
Anatomy of a counterexample: Extraction from relative clauses

October 9:

Ethan Poole (UMass)
Deconstructing quirky subjects

October 16:

Ayaka Sugawara (MIT)
On acquisition of “only”: Question-Answer congruence and scalar presuppositions

October 23:

Aron Hirsch (MIT)
Deconstructing exceptives

October 30:

Andreea Nicolae (ZAS Berlin)
Positive polarity and strength of scalar implicatures

November 6:

Christiana Christodoulou (MIT Brain & Cognitive Sciences/University of Cyprus)
Towards a Unified Analysis of the Linguistic Development of Down Syndrome

November 13:

Isabelle Charnavel (Harvard)
Perspectives on Binding and Exemption

November 20:

Loes Koring (Utrecht University)

December 4:

Heidi Klockmann (Utrecht/MIT)

December 11:

Coppe van Urk (MIT)

December 18:

Aline Villavicencio (Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul)