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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Ling-Lunch: Fall 2015

Ling-Lunch is a series of weekly talks, open to all linguistics topics. It is held in an informal setting, and everybody is welcome to present their work, but preference is given to members of the MIT Linguistics Department.

We meet every Thursday from 12:30 to 1:45 pm in room 32-D461.

Meetings and changes in the schedule are announced by email to interested people. If you want to receive the email announcements, want to present something, or have any other comments about Ling-Lunch, please email the organizers.

September 17:

Michelle Yuan (MIT)
Dependent case and clitic dissimilation

September 24:

Mia Nussbaum (MIT)
Tense and Scope in Superlatives

October 1:

Adam Albright (MIT) and Young Ah Do (Georgetown)
Paradigm uniformity in the lab: prior bias, learned preference, or L1 transfer?

October 8:

Because these are practice talks for NELS, there will be two shorter talks

Athulya Aravind (MIT)
Minimality and wh-licensing in Malayalam


Nicholas Longenbaugh (MIT)
Difficult movement

October 15:

Bruna Pereira (UFVJM; CAPES Foundation - Ministry of Education of Brazil)
Speech Act Phrase in Brazilian Portuguese: possessive agreement with the addressee


Eloisa Pilati (University of Brasilia)
Locative pronouns as subjects in Brazilian Portuguese

October 22:

Kenyon Branan (MIT)
Licensing with Case: Evidence from Kikuyu

October 29:

Adam Szczegielniak (Rutgers)
Phase by Phase Givenness: The case of P-omission and Island alleviation in multiple remnant sluicing

November 5:

Maria-Margarita Makri (York)
Not as might

November 12:

Donca Steriade (MIT)

November 19:

Idan Landau (Ben-Gurion University)

November 26:


December 3:

Aron Hirsch (MIT)

December 10:

Florian Schwarz (UPenn)

December 17:

Daniel Margulis (MIT)