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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Program

Five Year PhD Program
Specialization in Syntax


Noam Chomsky: Linguistic Theory, Syntax, Semantics, Philosophy of Language

Michel DeGraff: Syntax, Semantics, Creole Languages

Danny Fox: Syntax,Semantics

Sabine Iatridou: Syntax, Semantics

Shigeru Miyagawa: Japanese Syntax, Syntactic Theory

David Pesetsky: Theory of Syntax, Morphology, Language Acquisition, Russian Syntax

Norvin Richards: Syntax, Endangered Languages, Austronesian Languages

Kenneth Wexler: Language Acquisition, Syntax


Students in this program will fulfill all the normal requirements of the Linguistics Program. They will also take four additional courses, and participate in a research forum/discussion group on syntax and semantics.

Required Coures

Reading Groups

All students in the program that have completed the first two years are expected to attend and actively participate in at least one (but ideally both) of Syntax Square and the Syntax-Semantics Reading Group (also known as the LF Reading Group), a weekly forum in which students give presentations on their own research and on recent literature about the syntax-semantics interface. The readings will be selected by the participants. Active participation is required for third year students, but is highly recommended also for fourth and fifth year students. Students should start attending in their third or fourth semester.