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MIT Linguistics: Department of Linguistics & Philosophy

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Graduate Program

Required Subjects

All students are normally required to complete the following subjects.

Research-paper requirement
Some of the subjects in these two lists may not routinely require research papers for course credit, or may not restrict the topic of the paper to particular subdisciplines. Students may still use such subjects to fulfill the above requirements, as long as they write a research paper in the relevant area (either as part of or in addition to the normal subject-specific requirements for course credit).

These subjects will normally be taken according to the following schedule:

1st year: Fall

951 Intro to Syntax
961 Intro to Phonology
970 Intro to Semantics
992 Survey of Gen Ling

1st year: Spring

952 Advanced Syntax
962 Advanced Phonology
973 Advanced Semantics
993 Tutorial in Linguistics and Related Fields

Incompletes in the First Year
Incompletes in 1st-year subjects cannot be carried forward into the 2nd year. Fall incompletes must be completed by the end of the following spring term, and spring incompletes by August 1st of that year.

2nd year

949 Lang Acquisition I
advanced syntax-semantics subject
advanced phonology-morphology subject
991 Workshop (Spring)

3rd year

991 Workshop (Fall)

2nd or 3rd year

942 Topics in Grammar of Less familiar Language