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Syntax-Semantics Reading Group
Fall 2009

The Syntax-Semantics Reading Group is a weekly discussion group on syntax, semantics and their interface.

Meetings this semester are on Mondays from 11.30AM - 1PM in room 32-D461 unless otherwise noted. The first meeting is on September 21st.

Meetings and changes in the schedule are announced by email to interested people. If you want to receive the email announcements, want to present something, give a practice talk, or have any other comments about the Syntax-Semantics Reading Group, email Luka Crnic or Tue Trinh. An incomplete list of previous meetings: Spring 2009, Fall 2008, Spring 2008, Fall 2007, Spring 2007, Fall 2006.

Feel free to suggest a reading you would like to present or see presented.

September 21

Jacopo Romoli will give a practice talk at 11.30AM in 32-D461 (the 4th floor seminar room). Patrick Grosz and Pritty Patel-Grosz will give a practice talk (and more) at 3.30-5PM in 56-191 (a non-standard time/place!). Abstracts for the talks can be found here.

September 25

Chris Collins (NYU) will give a talk. Title: A Formalization of Minimalist Syntax.
*Time and place: 1PM - 2.30PM, 32-144*

October 26

Igor Yanovich will give a talk. Title: On the nature and formal analysis of indexical presuppositions.

November 9

Yasu Sudo and Kirill Shklovsky will give a practice talk for NELS. Title: Shifted indexicals in Uyghur.

November 23

Micha Breakstone will talk about Measure Phrase licensing and Evaluativity using Vector Space Semantics. Readings: Cross-Categorial Restrictions on Measure Phrase Modification by Yoad Winter.

November 30

Floris Roelofsen (UMass/Amsterdam) will give a talk on inquisitive semantics. Readings: Inquisitive semantics and pragmatics and Attention! Might in Inquisitive Semantics.

December 2

Guillaume Thomas will give a talk. Title: TBA

December 7

Kathryn Davidson (UCSD/Harvard) will talk about her work on American Sign Language.

(Update: 11/16/2009)