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MIT Linguistics Dissertations on Endangered/Indigenous Languages


The MIT linguistics department has a long history of work on endangered and indigenous languages. Dissertations that have been written in this area over the past 35 years are listed below. Among these are the theses of the five Native American linguists who received their degrees at MIT during this time: Paul Platero (Navajo), Dale Old Horn (Crow), George Reed (Crow), LaVerne Jeanne (Hopi), and Jessie Little Doe Fermino (Wampanoag).

Bever, Thomas, 6/67, Leonard Bloomfield and the Phonology of the Menomini Language.

Fidelholtz, James, 9/67, Micmac Morphophonemics.

Stanley, Richard, 9/69, The Phonology of the Navajo Verb.

Platero, Paul, 6/73, A Study of the Navajo Relative Clause. (M.S.)

Old Horn, Dale, 2/75, Some Complement Constructions of the Crow Indian Language. (M.S.)

Reed, George, 2/75, Dictionary of the Crow Language. (M.S.)

Kaufman, Ellen S., 6/75, Theoretical Responses to Navajo Questions.

Klokeid, Terry J., 9/76, Topics in Lardil Grammar.

Jeanne, LaVerne M., 6/78, Aspects of Hopi Grammar.

Platero, Paul M., 6/78, Missing Noun Phrases in Navajo.

Nash, David, 5/80, Topics in Warlpiri Grammar.

Simpson, Jane, 6/83, Aspects of Warlpiri Morphology and Syntax.

Archangeli, Diana Bennett, 6/84, Underspecification in Yawelmani Phonologyand Morphology.

Salamanca, Danilo, 6/88, Elementos De Gramatica Del Miskito.

LeSourd, Philip Stanley, 9/88, Accent and Syllable Structure in Passamaquoddy.

Sloan, Kelly, 6/92, Syllables and Templates: Evidence from Southern Sierra Miwok.

Pensalfini, Robert, 6/97, Jingulu Grammar, Dictionary, and Texts.

Storto, Luciana, 2/99, Aspects of a Karitiana Grammmar.

Green, Thomas, 9/99, A Lexicographic Study of Ulwa.

Little doe Fermino, Jessie, 6/00, An Introduction to Wampanoag Grammar. (S.M.)

Bruening, Benjamin, 9/01, Syntax at the Edge: Cross-Clausal Phenomena and the Syntax of Passamaquoddy.