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Massachusetts Institute of Technology


Kai von Fintel :: Publications

Counterfactuals in a Dynamic Context
June 1999. To appear in a festschrift for Ken Hale, edited by Michael Kenstowicz. MIT Press.

NPI-Licensing, Strawson-Entailment, and Context-Dependency
To appear in Journal of Semantics, 1999, 16(1).

Bare Plurals, Bare Conditionals, and Only
Journal of Semantics, 1997, 14(1), pp. 1-56.

Quantifiers and If-Clauses
The Philosophical Quarterly, 1998, 48(191), 209-214.

The Presupposition of Subjunctive Conditionals
in Uli Sauerland and Orin Percus (eds.), The Interpretive Tract,
MIT Working Papers in Linguistics 25, Cambridge: MITWPL, pp. 29-44.

A Minimal Theory of Adverbial Quantification
in Barbara Partee & Hans Kamp (eds.), Context Dependence in the Analysis of Linguistic Meaning: Proceedings of the Workshops in Prague, February 1995, Bad Teinach, May 1995, IMS Stuttgart Working Papers, pp. 153-193.

The Formal Semantics of Grammaticalization
1995: NELS 25.2 , 175-190.

Restrictions on Quantifier Domains
1994: Ph.D. Dissertation, GLSA, UMass Amherst.
To appear in the series Outstanding Dissertations in Linguistics
New York: Garland.

Exceptive Constructions
1993: Natural Language Semantics 1.2, 123-148.

The Modal-Existential Construction in Germanic Syntax
1992: FLSM 3 , 60-73.

Exceptive Conditionals: The Meaning of Unless
1991: NELS 22 , 135-148.