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Suzanne Flynn :: Publications


A Parameter-Setting Model of L2 Acquisition: Experimental Studies in Anaphora. Dordrecht: D. Reidel Publishing Co., 246 pp., 1987.


Co-edited Books

Generative Approaches to Second Language Acquisition. 1998 (W. G. Martohardjono and W. O'Neil). Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers.  

Systematic Theory and First Language Acquisition: Crosslinguistic Perspectives: Heads, Projections and Learnability, Vol. 1,1995 (a co-editor: B. Lust, M Suner, J. Whitman as Editors). Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers: NJ.

Binding Dependencies and Learnability, Vol. 2. 1994 (a co-editor: B. Lust, G. Harmon, J. Kornflit as Editors). Lawrence Erlbaum Publishers: NJ.

Linguistic Theory in Second Language Acquisition (with Wayne O'Neil).   Reidel Press, Dordrecht. 450 pp., 1988

This volume includes:
"Introduction" (with W. O'Neil), pp 1-24
"Nature of Development in Second Language Acquisition: Implications for Theories of Language Learning," pp. 76-84.


Articles in Refereed Journals

Rusling, Matthew. "Learn a foreign language – over the Web." The Christian Science Monitor. 8/16/2007.

"The Cumulative-Enhancement Model for Language Acquisition: Comparing Adults' and Children's Patterns of Development in First, Second and Third Language Acquisition of Relative Clauses. 2004.  International Journal of Multilingualism, 1:1, 3-17. (with C. Foley and I. Vinnitskaya).

"Syntactic and Semantic Factors Underlying the Acquisition of Free Relatives in First and Second Language    Acquisition. 2004. MITWPL. (With C. Foley).

"Grammatical Mapping in the Acquisition of a Third Language." 2001. (with C. Foley and I. Vinnitskaya). In M.J. Archer and A. Reder (eds.). Cuadernos de Linguistica. Ortega y Gassett. Madrid, Spain.

"Universal Grammar: Hypothesis Space or Grammar Selection Procedures? Is UG affected by Critical Periods" 1998. (with G. Martohardjono and S. Epstein).  Response to J. Hirschensohn. Behavior and Brain Science.

"Explanation in Theories of Second Language." 1996 (with S. Epstein and G. Martohardjono). Behavior and Brain Sciences. 19 (4): 677-714.

"Universal Grammar and Second Language Acquisition: the Null Hypothesis." 1996 (with S. Epstein and G. Martohardjono) Behavior and Brain Sciences. 19(4), 746-752.

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"Principled Theories of Adult Second Language Acquisition."  Studies in Second Language Acquisition, Vol. 7, No. 1, pp. 99-107, 1985.


Refereed Chapters in Books, etc.

"Syntax-Pragmatics Interface: Brazilian-Portuguese L2 Acquisition of English." Submitted (with S. Pacheco)

"Feature Account of Relative Clause Acquisition." In press. In J. Liceras (ed.). "Features in Second Language Acquisition. LEA.

"Third Language Acquisition: Kazakh, Russian and English." In press.  Selected Papers from GASLA, 2003. Cascadilla Press, Somerville, MA

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"Coordination: The Role of Syntactic, Pragmatic and Processing Factors in First Language Acquisition." (with B. Lust, Y-C Chien, and T. Clifford) in Papers and Reports on Child Language Development , Vol. 19, pp. 79-87, 1980.


In Preparation

Theoretical Second Language Acquisition. (with G. Martohardjono). Linguistic Inquiry Monograph Series.   MIT Press. Completion date: Summer 2006.

Second Language Acquisition: Recent Advances. (with J. Gair and G. Martohardjono).   Blackwell Publishers: Linguistic Series. Completion date: Fall 2007.

"Innateness vs. Learning in Language Acquisition: Evidence from Experimental Second Language Acquisition." (with R. Darlington, C. Foley   and B. Lust), 25 ms.pp. To be submitted to Science.

"Testing Universal Grammar in Second Language Acquisition: A Study of Chinese ESL High School Students' Interpretations of Pronouns" (with B. Lust and Y-C Chien).

"Developmental Primacy of Free Relatives in First, Second and Third Language Acquisition: Implications for their Syntax and Semantics." Paper presented at Linguistic Association of Great Britain, Cambridge University, Cambridge. (with C. Foley, B. Lust and J. Gair) To be submitted to Language                                            


In Negotiation

Trilingualsim and Linguistics.   (w. C. Foley and I. Vinnitskaya). Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. Solicited Manuscript.