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Danny Fox :: Manuscripts and Publications

Presupposition projection from Quantificational Sentences: trivalence, local accommodation, and presupposition strengthening. Manuscript, submitted.

von Fintel, Fox and Iatridou, Definiteness as maximal informativeness. Abstract for GLOW 35 at the University of Potsdam (accepted).

Sudo, Romoli, Hackl and Fox, Presupposition projection out of quantified sentences: strengthening, local accommodation and inter-speaker variation. to appear in Maria Aloni et al. Logic, Language and Meaning (selected papers from the Proceedings of the 18th Amsterdam colloquium)

Breakstone, Cremers, Fox and Hackl, On the analysis of scope ambiguities in comparative constructions: converging evidence from real-time sentence processing and offline data. to appear in the proceedings of SALT 21

Fox and Katzir, On the Characterization of Alternatives

Chierchia, Fox, and Spector "The Grammatical View of Scalar Implicatures and the Relationship between Semantics and Pragmatics", to appear in Handbook of Semantics, Paul Portner, Claudia Maienborn et Klaus von Heusinger (Eds), Mouton de Gruyter.

"Two short notes on Schlenker's theory of presupposition projection", to appear in Theoretical Linguistics

"Too Many Alternatives: density, symmetry, and other predicaments" to appear in the proceedings of SALT 17.

Free Choice Disjunction and the Theory of Scalar Implicatures (2006)

Takahashi and Fox (2005) "Max Elide and the Re-binding Problem," to appear in the proceedings of SALT.

The Universal Density of Measurement (with Martin Hackl, Pomona College)

Cyclic Linearization of Syntactic Structure (with David Pesetsky, MIT; 2004)
[to appear, Theoretical Linguistics, special issue on Object Shift in Scandinavian; Katalin É. Kiss, ed.]
Note: this paper contains about 1/3 of the material that will form part of a monograph, in prep. For the remaining 2/3, the best current source is the lengthy handout below.

"Cyclic Linearization and the Typology of Movement" (with David Pesetsky, MIT) [handout]
Related work:
"Cyclic Linearization and Asymmetry in Scrambling" by Heejeong Ko
"Pseudo-gapping and Cyclic Linearization" by Shoichi Takahashi



Economy and Semantic Interpretation


Other Publications

Danny Fox, 2003. On Logical Form, in Randall Hendrick's Minimalist Syntax, Blackwell.

Danny Fox and Jon Nissenbaum, 2004.Condition A and Scope Reconstruction., in Linguistic Inquiry. 35,3: 474-485.

Danny Fox and Howard Lasnik. 2003. Successive Cyclic Movement and Island Repair: The Difference Between Sluicing and VP Ellipsis, in Linguistic Inquiry. 34,1: 143-154.

Danny Fox 2002. Antecedent Contained Deletion and the Copy Theory of Movement, in Linguistic Inquiry. 33,1: 63-96.

Danny Fox and Jon Nissenbaum. 1999. Extraposition and Scope: A case for overt QR. WCCFl 18.

Danny Fox. 1999. Focus, Parallelism and Accommodation. SALT 9.

Danny Fox and John Nissenbaum, 2003, VP Ellipsis and the Position of Adverbs, Snippets.

Papers incorporated into Economy and Semantic Interpretation (ESI)

Danny Fox. 1995. Economy and Scope. draft of paper in Natural Language Semantics.3, 3: 283-341.
(For a more complete picture see chapters 2 and 3 of ESI.)

Danny Fox. 1995. Condition C and ACD. draft of paper in MITWPL 27.
(For a more complete picture see chapter 6 of ESI; for a different approach to the problem see my recent paper on Antecednt Contained Deletion and the Copy Theory of Movement.)

Danny Fox. 1995. Locality in Variable Binding. draft of paper in Is the Best Good Enough
(The same paper with minor modifications appears in ESI, chapter 4.)

Danny Fox. 1994. Economy Scope and Semantic Interpretation - Evidence from VP Ellipsis. in NELS 25.
(For a more complete picture see chapters 2 and 3 of ESI)

Older papers

Danny Fox and Uli Sauerland. 1995. Scope Illusions. NELS 26.

Danny Fox. 1994. Relative Clauses and Resumptive Pronouns in Hebrew.

Danny Fox. 1993. Chain and Binding - A modification of Reinhart & Reuland's reflexivity.