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Wayne O'Neil :: Publications

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"La lengua: El último de los prejucios, entervista con Wayne O'Neil." Zorros y erizos 2.8, 1997.

"'If Ebonics Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?' (pace James Baldwin, 1979)," Rethinking Schools: The Real Ebonics Debate [special issue] 12.1, 10-11, 1997.

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"'If Ebonics Isn't a Language, Then Tell Me, What Is?' (pace James Baldwin, 1979)" (revised version). In Theresa Perry and Lisa Delpit (eds.), The real ebonics debate: Power, language, and the education of African-American children, 29-37, Boston: Beacon Press, 1998.

"Lingustics for Everyone," a plenary-session paper to appear in the on-line proceedings of the joint 1998 meeting of the Applied Lingustics Assocation of Australia and the Australian Linguistics Society.

"The bilingual mind/brain: Do we, can we know anything about it?" In Enoch Iwamoto et al.(eds.), Inoue Festschrift. To appear in 1999.

"Ebonics in the media". In Radical Teacher (issue on eudcation and the media), to appear January 1999.