Lira Nikolovska

Sketches for the book jacket of Patricia Neal's autobiography
10-11 November 2003

A friend asked me to help out with graphic design for book jacket. It turned out that the autobiography of Patricia Neal was to be republished and the publisher needed, well, designer :). These sketches were the initial design ideas / variations of ideas for the book jacket. We had only a limited set of photos to work with; click here to see the final book jacket design selection (19 Nov 2003) which was redone in the appropriate file format and resolution once the final specifications for the size of the book was known (cover width and height, spine thickness, hard cover (with flaps) or soft cover, etc).







1. This is the very, very first sketch with images downloaded from the web (Internet Movie Database on
The strength of these images is in their movement.

Titles of all the movies by Ms. Neal are part of the background image and are sorted in chronological order.

Robin clarified that only the images she gave me should be used, and I made the sketches below -






Again, the back cover image on the left is downloaded from the web (Internet Movie Database on and so far we don't have access to it.

The front cover image is from the photos from Robin.





2. Same background color. Front cover image is same as the one used for the previous publication of the book. Title font in Garamond, name and movie titles in GillSans.




3. Blue-green background again with movie titles, different front cover image

*note to myself: pay attention to alligning the titles with parts of the face




4.1. Author's name in GillSans, book title in Garamond.4.2. GillSans font for the name, Garamond Italic for the book title, and movie titles on the back cover in ITC FLora Bold.




5. Nov 11 -- latest proposal, focus on film titles





5.1. Film titles in lower part of cover