MIT Mailman User Guide:
Archiving Options

MIT Mailman

Mailman uses pipermail to archive list traffic. List owners may set archival policies from the Archiving Options screen. List owners should remember that test messages that go to the archive will not be deleted.

Archives may be viewed by Thread, Subject, Author, Date and downloaded for reviewing off-line. To search public archives on Mailman, see the Search Archivesinstruction page.

These are the options available on the Archiving Screen:

Archiving Options

List traffic archival policies.
Archive messages?
No Yes
Is archive file source for public or private archival?
public private
How often should a new archive volume be started?
Yearly Monthly Quarterly Weekly Daily

This is the view on the List Archives screen:

Archive View by: Downloadable version
April 2003: [ Thread ] [ Subject ] [ Author ] [ Date ] [ Text 595 bytes ]

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