MIT Mailman User Guide:
General Options

MIT Mailman

These are the options available on the General Options Screen:

General Options

Fundamental list characteristics, including descriptive info and basic behaviors.
General list personality
The public name of this list (make case-changes only)
The list administrator email addresses. Multiple administrator addresses, each on separate line is okay.
Details for owner: The list administrator email addresses. Multiple administrator addresses, each on separate line is okay. There are two ownership roles associated with each mailing list. The list administrators are the people who have ultimate control over all parameters of this mailing list. They are able to change any list configuration variable available through these administration web pages. The list moderators have more limited permissions; they are not able to change any list configuration variable, but they are allowed to tend to pending administration requests, including approving or rejecting held subscription requests, and disposing of held postings. Of course, the list administrators can also tend to pending requests. In order to split the list ownership duties into administrators and moderators, you must set a separate moderator password, and also provide the email addresses of the list moderators. Note that the field you are changing here specifies the list administrators.
The list moderator email addresses. Multiple moderator addresses, each on separate line is okay.
A terse phrase identifying this list.
Details for description: This description is used when the mailing list is listed with other mailing lists, or in headers, and so forth. It should be as succinct as you can get it, while still identifying what the list is.
An introductory description - a few paragraphs - about the list. It will be included, as html, at the top of the listinfo page. Carriage returns will end a paragraph - see the details for more info.
Details for info: The text will be treated as html except that newlines will be translated to <br> - so you can use links, preformatted text, etc, but don't put in carriage returns except where you mean to separate paragraphs. And review your changes - bad html (like some unterminated HTML constructs) can prevent display of the entire listinfo page.
Prefix for subject line of list postings.
Details for subject_prefix: This text will be prepended to subject lines of messages posted to the list, to distinguish mailing list messages in in mailbox summaries. Brevity is premium here, it's ok to shorten long mailing list names to something more concise, as long as it still identifies the mailing list.
Hide the sender of a message, replacing it with the list address (Removes From, Sender and Reply-To fields)
No Yes
Reply-To: header munging
Should any existing Reply-To: header found in the original message be stripped? If so, this will be done regardless of whether an explict Reply-To: header is added by Mailman or not.
No Yes
Where are replies to list messages directed? Poster is strongly recommended for most mailing lists.
(Details for reply_goes_to_list)
Poster This list Explicit address
Explicit Reply-To: header.
(Details for reply_to_address)
Umbrella list settings
Send password reminders to, eg, "-owner" address instead of directly to user.
(Details for umbrella_list)
No Yes
Suffix for use when this list is an umbrella for other lists, according to setting of previous "umbrella_list" setting.
(Details for umbrella_member_suffix)
Send monthly password reminders?
(Details for send_reminders)
No Yes
List-specific text prepended to new-subscriber welcome message
(Details for welcome_msg)
Send welcome message to newly subscribed members?
(Details for send_welcome_msg)
No Yes
Text sent to people leaving the list. If empty, no special text will be added to the unsubscribe message.
(Edit goodbye_msg)
Send goodbye message to members when they are unsubscribed?
(Edit send_goodbye_msg)
No Yes
Should the list moderators get immediate notice of new requests, as well as daily notices about collected ones?
(Details for admin_immed_notify)
No Yes
Should administrator get notices of subscribes and unsubscribes?
(Edit admin_notify_mchanges)
No Yes
Send mail to poster when their posting is held for approval?
(Details for respond_to_post_requests)
No Yes
Additional settings
Emergency moderation of all list traffic.
(Details for emergency)
No Yes
Default options for new members joining this list.
(Details for new_member_options)
Conceal the member's address
Acknowledge the member's posting
Do not send a copy of a member's own post
Filter out duplicate messages to list members (if possible)
(Administrivia filter) Check postings and intercept ones that seem to be administrative requests?
(Details for administrivia)
No Yes
Maximum length in kilobytes (KB) of a message body. Use 0 for no limit.
(Edit max_message_size)
Host name this list prefers for email.
(Details for host_name)
Should messages from this mailing list include the RFC 2369 (i.e. List-*) headers? Yes is highly recommended.
(Details for include_rfc2369_headers)
No Yes
Should postings include the List-Post: header?
(Details for include_list_post_header)
No Yes

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