Bonjour! Nous sommes La Maison Française, un groupe d'étudiants à MIT qui s'intéressent à parler la langue française. (Extreme proficiency is neither expected nor required.) We cook dinner together six days a week, with everyone taking a turn as a member of a four person cooking team. Making a mess of the kitchen once a week turns out to be a lot of fun!

Nos membres sont toujours en train de poursuivre des exploits bizarres et variés. We cook, play Rock Band, bake, solve puzzles with computer programs, teach high schoolers, 3D print things, play records, sing, act, hack, dance, skate, run, fence, cook some more, and occasionally sleep. Day or night, you can usually find some delectable morsel up for grabs on the sacrificial table or watch back-to-back-to-back episodes of Glee or 30 Rock. Get caught in the "Bermuda triangle" in house 5, where all of us have been known to stay chatting with friends for hours about robots, the LHC, linguistics, and hot TAs.

We schedule random outings about every week, from picking apples in the boonies to exploring dinner places around Boston. We watch (often extremely weird/hilarious) French films, and during our French marathons, we invite French professors to come eat with us and help us practice our French. We also have an annual George's Island Trip, Halloween Party, Dîner de Noel, Spring Semiformal, and Senior Brunch, which are lots of dressed-up fun for everyone.

Quant au travail, we can do problem sets in the quiet of our rooms, or venture to the dining area and Maisonette, where there are big tables and groups of fellow students. Upperclassmen are always there to lend a helping hand; it beats doing their own work. People work hard and know that they want to accomplish a lot while they're here, mais cela ne nous empêche pas de nous amuser!

Si notre maison vous intéresse, ou si vous avez d'autres questions, écrivez-nous (). We'd love to hear from you!

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