Behold some of the most commonly asked questions about LMF.

Are you French?
Only in spirit. Most members of French House are not actually French! However, we do share an interest in French Language and Culture.

Do you always/only speak French?
Not all the time--we try to speak French at dinner (home made 6 nights/week), on Wednesdays, and during our twice-per-semester French Marathon. Outside of these times, it is up to each member to decide how much or how little French to speak, although we certainly encourage you to use it as much as possible!

Is French House really a house?
Unfortunately not (hint hint, MIT!). French House is located on the 5th floor of New House 5 and the 4th/5th floors of New House 6.

How does cooking work?
Cooking is organized by the Food Stewards (Ministres des Aliments). We cook 6 nights per week (every day except Saturday). There are 6 teams of 4-5 people each, organized by day of the week. The Monday team cooks Monday, etc. Each member of a cooking team "chefs" about once per month, meaning that person is responsible for setting the menu. The Food Stewards are in charge of getting ingredients, ordering delivery from Roche Brothers or exploring Cambridge's fine selection of grocery stores.

Do you guys only cook French food?
We can't tell you how many times we get asked this question, even by our own parents. The answer is a resounding NO! Members of French House come from all over the world, so our cuisine is as varied as the antibodies in your bloodstream. For sample recipes, get in touch!

Tell me more about French House!
You can learn a lot from our website (which is where you are right now). If you have a question that hasn't been answered on this page, you can e-mail us at lmf-contacter -at- mit -period- edu (if you think your question should have been answered here or elsewhere on the website, tell us that too). And of course you can (and should) come and visit!