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First International Conference of Nanobiomedical Technology & Structural Biology
At the Homeland Hotel in Chengdu, Sichuan, China
25-28 June, 2006

Nature Announcement for Chengdu Conference, 2006


News: Could your laptop run on spinach?



Molecular self-assembly is ubiquitous in nature and has recently emerged as a new approach in chemical synthesis, nanotechnology, polymer science, materials and engineering. Molecular self-assembly systems lie at the interface between molecular biology, chemistry, polymer science, materials science and engineering. Many self-assembling systems have been developed. Molecular self-assembly systems represent a significant advance in the molecular engineering of simple molecular building blocks useful for a wide range of applications. This field is growing at an accelerating pace.

Development of new materials and technologies often broadens the questions we can address therefore deepen our understanding of seemingly intractable phenomena. Molecular self-assembly systems will create a new class of materials at the molecular level. It is believed that application of these simple and versatile molecular self-assembly systems will provide us with new opportunities to study some complex and previously intractable biological phenomena. Molecular engineering through molecular design and self-assembly of biological building blocks is an enabling technology that will likely play an increasingly important role in the future technology and will change our lives in the coming decades.

Shuguang Zhang
Principal Investigator & Associate Director
for Biomedical Engineering
Department of Biology

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