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Recent LNS Awards and Honors


DPF "Best Technology Poster" Award

  • Marjon Moulai

2015 Tollestrup Award:


Older Awards


American Physical Society (APS) Fellows:

  • Iain Stewart

  • Bolek Wyslouch

  • Gunther Roland

American Academy of Arts and Sciences (AAAS) Fellows:

  • Robert Jaffe

  • Ernest Moniz

  • Samuel Ting

2014 Herman Feshbach Prize in Theoretical Nuclear Physics from APS:

  • John Negele

2013 MIT Everett Moore Baker Memorial Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching:

  • Allan Adams

MIT Physics Department William T. Buechner Faculty Advising Prize:

  • Wit Busza

2012 Kavli Frontiers Fellow; appointed the Class of 1943 Career Development Professor (2012-2015); awarded a 2013 Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship:

  • Jesse Thaler

DOE Early Career Award:

  • Will Detmold

  • Mike Williams

Honorary Doctorates from Jagiellonian University (Poland) and Uppsala University (Sweden):

  • Frank Wilczek

Milner Foundation Prize in Fundamental Physics:

  • CMS and ATLAS collaborations


Post Docs


2012 Achievement Award of the CMS experiment at CERN

  • Dr. Ivan Cali

Pappalardo Fellowship in Physics

  • Dr. Jeongwan Haah

School of Science 2013 Infinite Kilometer Award

  • Dr. Noah Oblath


Graduate Students

Henry Kendall Teaching Award:

  • Michael Crossley

  • Shawn Henderson

  • Cedric Lin

  • Jeremy Lopez

  • Kevin Sung

Andrew Lockett III Memorial Award:

  • Daniel Sung-Joon Park

Sergio Vazquez Prize:

  • Joshua Bendavid

NSF LHC-Theory Initiative Fellowship:

  • Daniele Bertolini

Klaus Kinder-Geiger Award:

  • Dragos Velicanu




School of Science Infinite Mile Award:

  • Fred Eppling

  • Christof Roland

  • Gerrit van Nieuwenhuizen

School of Science Infinite Kilometer Award:

  • Victoria Zhukova


For All MIT Physics Awards and more information about these awards please visit:

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