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MIT LNS Computer Services

Request to install or change a network connection

This connection will be valid only for the computer system and the person described below.
Do not share it or re-use it without specific authorization from the LNS network manager.
When you connect this computer to the LNS network, please notify the LNS computer security office so we can test it for proper security.

The LNS Computer Services are funded by United States Department of Energy.
Use of the LNS network shall be only in direct or indirect support of LNS programs in Nuclear and High-Energy Physics.

Do you agree to comply with the LNS Computing Policies?
Existing computer name (if any):
Existing Internet address (if any):

Person directly responsible for computer:
Last name or family name:
First name or personal name:
Middle initial or name:
MIT Building:
MIT Room:
MIT Telephone:
E-mail address (required):
Group leader or supervisor:
Group affiliation:

Description of computer:
Proposed name of new computer:
Make and model of hardware:
Name and release number of operating system:
Letter on wall jack:
Proposed sub-network:


(If you need to write more comments, please send e-mail to network@lns.mit.edu.)


Last modified: 2017-05-17