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LNS Email Password Reset

The major power outage on 11/29 damaged the LNS email server hardware. As a consequence a new server had to be built. Although no email was lost, the encrypted password table was not recoverable. People who use the LNS email server for archival storage and/or inbox services will need to set a new password.

To reset your password, please contact the Computer Services Group (CSG) in any of the following ways:

In person:
You can come by the CSG offices in building 24-030 during normal hours and we can get you set up with a new password. This is the preferred method since we can immediately test your email access and correct any problems. If you have a notebook computer with you then we can also test the password settings immediately.

House call:
You can schedule a time for a CSG staff member to visit your on-campus office by sending an email to rt@lns.mit.edu via an alternate email account or by calling us on the phone. Our contact information is found here: LNS Computer Services . We will need to use an ssh client on an available computer in your office as this is necessary for us to communicate securely with the email server. If you don't have an ssh client, please see the instructions below on acquiring one. We can help you with this if needed.

Other communications:
If you are not able to come to the CSG offices then we can provide a temporary password via alternate means. We do not recommend this unless you are comfortable with using command-line ssh clients to log into remote Linux and Unix computers. However, we recognize this method may be the only method for some users or a preferred method by some. Please send us an email at rt@lns.mit.edu via an alternate email account or call us on the phone. Our contact info is: LNS Computer Services .

To protect the confidentiality and integrity of your account, under no circumstances will we send passwords via unencrypted electronic mail.


Acquiring and installing an ssh client:
Mac OS X users already have ssh installed as part of the base operating system. Linux users should also already have an ssh client installed. Windows users may need to install an ssh client since Windows does not include one by default.

Here are instructions for acquiring ssh client software:


Changing your email password:

Once you have received a temporary password from us, you will be able to connect and set your new password. It is very important that you change the temporary password to your new password. To do so, make an ssh connection to mitlns.mit.edu, our email server. For example:

ssh -l ratinox mitlns.mit.edu

replacing "ratinox" above with your email login name.

You will be asked for your current (temporary) password. Once you have logged in you will see a menu. Option 9 is "change your password for email". Select this option.

You will be asked to enter your current (temporary) password once more. Then you will be asked to enter your new password, and a second time to verify that it is correct. Nothing will echo on the screen. If both entries of your new password match then your password will be changed.

The new email server is strict about weak passwords. If you try to enter a weak password the system will notify you of this fact. Your password will not be changed. You will need to try again using option 9 from the menu.

Select option 0 to leave the menu and log out. Repeat the ssh command above and log in again to verify that your password is correct and your account is working. If you see the menu then everything is good and you will be able to start reading your email normally. You will need to change your password in your email client if your new password is not the same as the one you previously used.

If the test does not work and you are unable to log in then the CSG staff will need to set a new temporary password for you.