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Procedures for Appointing Visiting Students


Faculty member, please read the letter below from Claude Canizares regarding the change in procedures for appointing Visiting Students.

Memorandum - Claude Canizares 4/12/12
Visiting Student Fee Table
New Visiting Student Request Form - Form must be signed by Boleslaw Wyslouch before submitting. MIT Certificates required for this site.

Please visit the International Students Office (ISO) website for instructions, forms and handouts https://iso.mit.edu/?q=/iso/visiting/visitor.shtml. Click on For MIT Staff, click on Visiting Student Process (be advised that you will need current certificates for this site). The process has changed, so please read the Visiting Student Process for Administrators.

Note: Only Step 2 of the checklist will be processed by Elsye Luc. The remaining steps should be processed by the faculty or assistant and student.

Step 2:
Please send me the following information for step 2 to be processed:

  • Full Legal Name (Last, First, Middle):
  • Dates of visit (From - To):
  • Date of Birth:
  • Country of Citizenship:
  • Gender:
  • Full mailing address:
  • Email address, if any: