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Round II Requirements
Congratulations to those who have made it to the second round of the competition! Below you will find the requirements for your final submission to the competition. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact the Help Desk at the address below.

  • You are required to produce one board that you may use as you wish to convey your design to the jury, and visitors to Wolk Gallery. The boards must be 30" x 40", in either portrait or landscape orientation. They must be printed on matte finish paper and dry-mounted onto 3/16" white foamcore. Printing and mounting services are available at CopyTech in the Stratton Student Center, though you can use any service you wish.

  • You may choose to make a model, though it is not required. If so, a pedestal will be provided. If you do decide to make a model, you must inform the Lobby 7 Team of your intention to do so by March 4 by visiting the web address found in the Round II email. If you need the URL, please email the help desk. Several dimensions are available, but you will need to chose them ahead of time on the same site.

  • You also have the option to make an animation or video of your proposal. These must be submitted on a playable DVD (not just saved on a disc, but must be playable on a DVD player). The DVDs should be formatted to run continuously. If you elect to make an animation, you will be provided a wall-mounted 10" clamshell DVD player for the exhibition. You must inform the Lobby 7 team of your intention to submit a video by March 4 by visiting the web address found in the Round II email. If you need the URL, please email the help desk.

  • You have been assigned a unique competition identifier, found in our last email with you. To ensure your privacy, do not use your student ID number. Nowhere in your boards, models or videos, should your name, likeness or any other identifying information appear except as follows:
    • Label the back of your board with your identifier number and your competition section (Graduate or Undergraduate).
    • If applicable, label your models with your identifier number on the base or back of the object where it is not distracting. If it is not clear, please note what side is the front.
    • If applicable, label your DVD disc with your identifier number.
    • If you lost your identifier number, please email the help desk.

  • updated. Please wrap your boards in clear plastic to prevent damage on them during storage. Remember to label your boards on the outside o the plastic.

  • updated, again. No additional external elements will be granted, thus no projectors for example (we have neither the room, nor secure fastening for equipment). Therefore, finalists can use the model and/or video to convey their ideas, for example:
    • make a video that demonstrates their intention/vision that would have been done by the projection/feature
    • put the light/sound element into the model If you are intending to do anything different, please contact the committee.

Helpful tips:

  • Don't forget the theme of "mens et manus".
  • Remember to check this website regularly for updates.
  • If you are unfamiliar with the stylistic conventions of a design competition submission, Bustler, a blog of architectural and design competitions, has an archive of competition winner’s submissions. It may serve useful as a source of inspiration.
  • If you wish to use but do not have access to graphics, layout and basic 3D software, you may visit the New Media Center, 26-13.
  • Make sure to save your final board and images are at least 150 dpi, though 300 dpi is recommended.

Help Desk
Questions regarding a general direction about public art and design can be by sent to Lobby7Competition@mit.edu.

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Q & A
Direct your questions about technical issues to Lobby7Competition@mit.edu. Answers will be sent via email or posted
in the Q & A section.

Final Submission Materials Form Submitted (online)
Submission of Stage 2

Award Ceremony & Announcement of winners

March 4, 2011
March 18, 2011
March 30 at 3:00pm
April 15, 2011

Property Rights
Electronic files remain the property of the MIT Museum. The MIT Museum retains the right to keep, publish and store any of the models and drawings that are selected for the exhibition.

last updated March 16, 2011