Round II Finalists





Q & A

To Stimulate Your Thinking...

How do I submit a question?
Send an email to Lobby7Competition@mit.edu and your question will either be answered directly via email or will be answered here.

Should submissions contain a proposal for a piece designed for one of the pedestals or 4 complementary pieces for all four of the pedestals?
Submissions should consider all four plinths.

I am a visiting/special student to MIT. May I participate in the competition?
No. Only students who were fully enrolled at MIT during 2009, 2010 and 2011 may enter.

I graduated in 2009. May I participate in the competition?
Yes. Fully enrolled students at MIT during 2009, 2010 and 2011 may enter.

Will submissions be made public after the first round of judging?
No, submissions will be kept private until the winners have been announced during the second round of judging. No one outside of the competition team and judges will see entries until after the competition is over.

Can we propose several instantiations as our proposal?
As long as your submission is one proposal, there is no further limit to the form or concept.

Should it be part text/part sketch? Should I write something? Should it be like a research poster?...
There is no limitation on the format of your submission, so long it satisfies the competition requirements.

last updated February 11, 2011