Support the Lorenz Center

The School of Science seeks partners in the establishment of the Lorenz Center at MIT. We need support for postdoctoral researchers, distinguished visitors, graduate students, and the center’s activities.

Please join us in this new venture by considering the naming opportunities listed below. Of course, gifts in any amount for unrestricted use of the Lorenz Center are appreciated.

Name the Postdoctoral Fellowship Program:
$2.4 million
Support six postdoctoral fellows for 5 years
Name the Distinguished Visitors Program:
$1 million
Provide support for two visiting scientists for 5 years
Name the Graduate Student Fellowship Program:
Provide support for three graduate students for 5 years
Name one postdoctoral fellow each year for 5 years
Name two graduate fellows for 1 year
Name one postdoctoral fellow for 1 year

Please contact Ms. Elizabeth Chadis, Assistant Dean for Development, for more information about the Lorenz Center or any of the activities in the School of Science. To give online, visit and click on the Lorenz Center fund.

With your support the new center has the capacity to become the world’s preeminent center for the study of the climate system.

Elizabeth Chadis
Assistant Dean for Development
MIT School of Science, 6-131
Cambridge, MA 02139

Tel: (617) 253-8903