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The Love Lab is exploring the heterogeneity present in populations of cells and characterizing the dynamic biological responses of individual cells subjected to defined perturbations.  We develop new processes for analyzing large numbers of individual living cells quantitatively and dynamically.  The primary approach uses simple technologies, based on soft lithography or unconventional nanofabrication, to measure multiple characteristics of single cells, and from those data, we aim to construct detailed profiles that describe the state and evolution of the cell itself or the multicellular population of which it is a member.  The applications for these technologies that we are pursuing include clonal selection for bioprocess manufacturing, discovery of new immunotherapies, and immunological monitoring for diagnosis and biomedical research in clinical immunology. 

The lab itself is an interdisciplinary and team-oriented environment.  We apply concepts and techniques from surface chemistry, materials science, physics, and chemical engineering to address biological questions in immunology, microbiology, systems biology, and bioprocess engineering.  Particular areas of emphasis in clinical immunology presently are infectious diseases and autoimmune disorders.  We value expertise from a range of backgrounds relevant to these areas of research.

The long-term objectives of our work are to understand how heterogeneity in populations of cells affects their collective behaviors as a system, and to gain insights into the biological variations present in unique and rare cells from those populations.  We also aim to facilitate the transfer of these technologies into clinical laboratories for extended use in biomedical research.

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