Call for Submissions




to be held in conjunction with the LSA Institute in Cambridge, Mass.


July 30-31, 2005


Organizers: Carson Schütze (UCLA), Vic Ferreira (UCSD)




Expected Notification: May 10, 2005



Abstracts are solicited for original research on any aspect of speech errors (a.k.a. slips of the tongue, including slips of the hand in signed languages) in adults or children. The workshop will emphasize research that has ramifications for models of language production or theories of linguistic competence (or both). Of special interest are studies incorporating brain measures or computational approaches, and work that addresses the efficacy of research methods that have been or could be applied to speech error research. Specifically encouraged are submissions that deal with languages other than English or that involve cross-linguistic comparisons. Also particularly welcome is work on the speech of populations with neurological impairments.


For a detailed description of the goals of the workshop, see



Presentations are planned to consist of both posters and talks (20 minutes + 10 minute question period). All submissions will be considered for both kinds of presentation unless the submitter indicates otherwise.


Abstracts must be submitted via email as PDF files. Format restrictions are as follows:


• The PDF file should be anonymous. If you know how, please remove all info about you and your institution from the Document Properties.


• Please supply complete contact information (mail, phone and email) for all authors in the body of the email message


• The main text can be maximally one page (8.5x11 or A4) with 1-inch margins and minimum 11-point typeface


• A second page may contain only examples, tables, figures and references.



Please email abstracts by April 18, 2005 to


Note on travel support: We have applied to NSF for a conference grant that includes a request for support of student travel fellowships. We will not know until late May (at the earliest) whether any funds will be awarded.


Note on cost: There will be a modest registration fee for attending or presenting at the workshop. However, participants will NOT be required to register for the main LSA Institute and will NOT be subject to any fees associated therewith.



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