Luke Ward teaching evaluations
I never liked physics, and never will, but this class taught me many basics that will help me in my undergrad class in the future. Mr. Ward is perhaps the best instructor I've had in this program. He is very supportive and concerned, as I sometimes see him checking up on us during study session. He works hard to make us learn the material, and from this, I feel that I gained a lot of knowledge.
This professor was also very good at explaining things correctly and seemed quite invested in making sure that we understood everything.
great instructor
The teacher was great!
Luke was a great physics teacher, he taught the material as clearly as he could, and was always wiling to stay behind for however length to help students who needed further explanation. I was amazed to learn his main focus is bio research and that he relied on high school and college physics to teach us. My main academic goal entering SMDEP was to get a good introduction to physics so when I returned to my home institution and took the course, I could hit the ground running, have an understanding of my weakness/strengths so tutors would be better able to help me. I can gladly say that due to Luke's teaching style (part problem sets part lectures) I was able to achieve that. Physics is all about problem sets and I will definitely be using the problems sets and the Physics Classroom website as references when I take physics in the fall.
Instructor was great and material covered was perfect for someone who has never taken college physics before. Great class!
Great Teacher!! Excellent portrayal of subject matter through visual aids and assigned problems
The professor was very likeable, and he made the material a lot more fun than I expected. The class was enjoyable overall.
The topics covered was taught in a very interesting way. I would recommend this teacher for the next year's class. The TAs were also really helpful and I would strongly recommend more office hours.
The class was great!
I liked that the TAs and professor came around during lectures to help with problems.
Luke was a fun teacher and always more than happy to answer questions and help out. He interacted great with the class. The course and teaching seemed fast, but it's hard to cram all that information into 6 weeks. Overall, I learned a lot and feel like I will be way ahead for my Physics class in the fall!
Great teacher, makes sure the students grasp the concept and very eager to teach. i actually enjoyed going to class
Thanks for taking the time to teach us Physics! I truly learned a lot more in this course than all of my other previous physics courses put together. I feel prepared to take Physics 207 this fall. Thank you so much.
I think Luke was a wonderful teacher, and my understanding of Physics greatly improved under his tutelage.
i think that the class was taught well. Luke was a great teacher!!!
I feel like the content at first glance was a bit difficult, but a combination of the professor, the TA's, and the website link(physicsclassroom) was very helpful in making the material very clear. I feel like I learned a whole lot in this class, and I'm pretty confident that I will see the positive results of taking this course when I take physics at my home institution.
I think the class was amazing considering the short time we had.
The Physics class was well taught. The materials and the amount of work were fair and I learned a lot form it.
Overall, the course was a great intro to physics for those of us who had never seen the material. Luke was a helpful teacher, and his multiple wasy of explaining a problem was probably something wee will not have available at our home institutions.
This class showed me that physics is not a class that come easy to me and once I get to my university and am taking this class I am going to need help. The teacher really know what he was talking about and explained things really well the only thing is the speed was very fast.