Powder Blue Cichlid

(Pseudotropheus socolofi)

Pseudotropheus socolofi

I only have a single male of this species named Noonsa, and he was really an accident. I wanted two Cobalt Blues, but after some inspection when I got back home I noticed the black fins with the light edges and realized that he was a different fish! Eep!

This photo shows off the black fins pretty well.

Pseudotropheus socolofi

Here is a recent photo of him. Note the increased number of fin spots. Apparently males develop more fins spots as they mature.

Pseudotropheus socolofi

This photo shows Noonsa in a flower pot cave. He's turned a little more blue than he was before, and his fins spots are brighter.

Here are two more little photos.

Pseudotropheus socolofi Pseudotropheus socolofi

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