An International Conference
October 24-25, 1997


MIT Room 6-120
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Friday evening session:
45 Carleton Street

Friday, October 24, 1997

12-1:00 pm   Registration

1-1:30   Introduction
David Thorburn: "New Media, Old Purposes"

1:30-3:30   Classics Digitized:  Ancient and Medieval Literature On Line
Peter Robinson: "Editing The Canterbury Tales for the Next
Gregory Crane: "When books talk to each other, what do they say and
to whom do they say it?"
Edward Barrett, moderator

4-6   The Expanded Book
William Mitchell: "Designing Digital Books"
Robert Stein: "What is an Analog Book?"
Frank Urbanowski, moderator

8-10   The Novel in Cyberspace
Michael Joyce: "Forms of Future: Prospects for Electronic Literature"
Shelley Jackson: "Stitch Bitch: the Patchwork Girl"
Janet Murray, moderator

Saturday, October 25

10 am - noon   Images and Texts as Digital Publications
John Unsworth: "Documenting the reinvention of text: the importance
of imperfection, doubt, and failure."
Michael Ester: "Visual Research Collections In Digital Form"
Marlene Manoff, moderator

1-3   Film As Digital Document
Peter Donaldson: "The Shakespeare Electronic Archive"
Lauren Rabinovitz and Greg Easley: "A Cyber-Gothic Romance: The
Making of The Rebecca Project"
Steven Lerman, moderator

3:30-4:30   The Digital Archive
Jerome McGann: "Imagining What You Don't Know. Theory as Praxis
in The Rossetti Archive"
Ann Wolpert, moderator

4:30-5   Summing Up, Looking Ahead:
General Discussion.
Roger Hurwitz, moderator

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