An International Conference
October 24-25, 1997


Gregory Crane, Historical Perspectives on the Book and Information Technology
[9,397 words, posted:  april 11,  1998]

Shelley Jackson, Stitch Bitch: The Patchwork Girl
[5,707 words, posted:  november 4,  1997]

Michael Joyce, Forms of Future
[5,357 words, posted:  november 5,  1997]

Jerome McGann, Imagining What You Don't Know:
The Theoretical Goals of The Rossetti Archive

[7,713 words, posted:  april 11,  1998]

William J. Mitchell, Homer to Home-Page: Designing Digital Books
[5,824 words, posted:  april 11,  1998]

John Unsworth, Documenting the Reinvention of Text:
The Importance of Imperfection, Doubt, and Failure

[4,345 words, posted:  april 11,  1998]


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